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Title: Supporting homeless and at-risk Canadian military veterans
Post by: Canadian_Vet on October 04, 2012, 07:46:10 PM
Supporting homeless and at-risk Canadian military veterans

My name is Jim Lowther, CD, and the charity I founded and run, V.E.T.S. Canada (Veterans Emergency Transition Services), is competing for funding in the AVIVA Community Fund program:

We need your votes to qualify in the first round of the completion. You can vote once each day until October 15th.

Since early 2011, V.E.T.S. Canada has been reaching out to homeless and at-risk military veterans across Canada. In the past year and a half our “boots on the ground” outreach efforts have helped us identify and assist more than 30 homeless veterans in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia alone. We have also helped veterans in other Canadian cities, including Barrie (ON), Winnipeg (MB), Edmonton (AB), and Surrey (BC) using our growing social network of ex-military volunteers.

Every week we discover more veterans who have slipped through the cracks; who have not made a successful transition from military life to civilian life. These veterans are living on the street or at-risk of being homeless, many are drifting, couch-surfing. They are unemployed and are trying to cope with mental and physical injuries related to their service without adequate health care and other needed community supports.

We need your help. Please show your support and vote for our proposal daily. We also ask that you share this email and the link with your friends and family. With your votes we can really help our brothers and sisters-in-arms.

Jim Lowther, CD
Founder and President
Veterans Emergency Transition Services (V.E.T.S. Canada)
Mobile (902) 483-2954
Father and Son: a V.E.T.S. Canada success story. Adrian, a veteran who suffers from service-related health problems, was on the verge of losing his home and being separated from his son when V.E.T.S. Canada reached out and helped him secure housing and more. Father and son remain together.