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Hmmm. ..Just a suggestion, maybe you should limit the colloquialisms, adjectives, adverbs and expressive language in your posts....I know many vets who would not take the time to read this post.

Please don't get me wrong, and I mean no disrespect,  but perhaps you should just make your posts in plain language. ..The language of today, the language that younger generations can connect with.

As I read this post I felt as I was back in the middle of my degree at Dalhousie University going through some of the primary texts and articles of yesteryear.

Your writing is of a high standard,  I know you do not need me to tell you that, and it is because of that that much of the context is lost to the average reader.

As well, I trust that this article is more or less internal to this group, as having it public may tweak the interest of a few of those "martyrs"...Wouldn't want any easily accessible intelligence to fall into their coffers.

Be well....

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