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Hmmm. ..Just a suggestion, maybe you should limit the colloquialisms, adjectives, adverbs and expressive language in your posts....I know many vets who would not take the time to read this post.

Please don't get me wrong, and I mean no disrespect,  but perhaps you should just make your posts in plain language. ..The language of today, the language that younger generations can connect with.

As I read this post I felt as I was back in the middle of my degree at Dalhousie University going through some of the primary texts and articles of yesteryear.

Your writing is of a high standard,  I know you do not need me to tell you that, and it is because of that that much of the context is lost to the average reader.

As well, I trust that this article is more or less internal to this group, as having it public may tweak the interest of a few of those "martyrs"...Wouldn't want any easily accessible intelligence to fall into their coffers.

Be well....

not sure what you mean by the group being taken over by the liberal party...not sure if that argument is relevant...anyway you are rightthere must be viewpoints allowed. the thing is there are rarely two sides to a story/argument, it is almost always three sides. there is one point of view then the other point and somewhere in between is the truth. unfortunately veterans, their families and their issues have been politicized. all this after veterans have spent their careers withinthe military not being allowed to be is a tight rope for sure. regardless of the past we live with it is the future that I am concerned about. too many people continue turning back the clock and laying blame on past governments for their mistakes and that becomes the smoke and mirrors that we have to maneuver through as veterans today.

I find it ironic though that todays government continues to do this (referring to past liberal policies, although this is always carefully done and skewed) yet they will not acknowledge the sacred covenant that existed between Canada and its veterans for a hundred years. the selectiveness of referring to the past is glaring and we continue to get bogged down in it.

the AG's report and recommendations, we are told by Mr hawn, are all being addressed. this may be true to him, but it is far from the facts. I have worked in a large federal department that was audited and several recommendations came from those audits and I can tell you with confidence how those recommendations were received and dealt with. it is ALL a communication and public affairs exercise as folks do their work in the department to feed the deputy ministers office with ambiguous statements and responses to the auditor general's office.

anyway, we do ourselves a disfavor when we have a tendency to blindly accept rhetoric that comes from our political masters (a term we used in the military on a daily basis, especially while deployed).

that is the truth, not rhetoric.

I sent this response to Laurie Hawn's email address...

Please explain your thoughts about understandng loss, and how you reconcile the fact that you have not been in combat.

I will accept that i am somewhat ignorant about the letters to the editor you speak of, but i will challenge you on your reference to the 'lifelong'benefits (PIA and supplement),which i am currently in receipt of. If you think this lifelong benefit of $1500 per month is adequate then you are terribly wrong. I am also in receipt of the extended earnings loss benefit, which will end at age 65. I was not medically released because i hid my injuries for 15 years as i did not want to appear an MIR commando or weak or cowardly. ..All labels that we used in the military. ..anyway,due to the new veterans charter i am left with a fraction of an amount i would have been receiving if i was receiving a pension under the old plan.

So, i would like to hear your views on personal loss and how you have dealt with it in the context of being a cold warrior. ..

Cheers, Roger Pothier

this was the reply I received from his email...

On behalf of the Hon. Laurie Hawn, PC, CD, MP for Edmonton Centre, thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office and away from my desk. I will return to the office July 9th, 2014. Should you require immediate assistance, please contact my colleague Jordan Fraser at or 613-992-4524. Emails will be checked periodically. Have a great summer!

Rachel Petrenko Parliamentary Assistant Hon. Laurie Hawn, PC, CD, MP Edmonton Centre E-mail: Tel: 613-992-4524 Fax: 613-943-0044

his out of office message has not been touched for 5 months....

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