Medical Marihuana - marihuana à des fins médicales


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[1] List of Dr who will approve medical marihuana: NB, NS, PEI, BC, AB, Ont, MN, ME

[2] Veterans Affairs Canada MMJ UPDATE POLICY - Partial Victory for Veterans

[3] Marijuana for medical purposes - Marijuana a des fins medicales 18 Mars 2016

[4] Study: Synthetic Cannabinoid Relieves PTSD-Associated Nightmares

[5] Study of marijuana as PTSD treatment for vets wins U.S. backing

[6] Vet fighting to provide medical pot for others with PTSD

[7] Medical Marihuana Access Services (BC)

[8] POC 10 Marijuana a Des Fin Medicales - Medical Marijuana as a Drug-Benefit

[9] Helping Patients Apply - Comment aider les patients à faire une demande


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