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[1] Military police probe of Cpl. Langridge's suicide botched, not biased: watchdog

[2] Rob Nicholson Rejects Plea From Dead Soldier?s Family ? Generals Get To See Report, While Family Lef

[3] Soldier's mother wonders whether showing suicide video was worth it

[4] Privacy Breaches, over 40, at the Military Police Complaints Commission

[5] Fynes Public Interest Hearing - MPCC witnesses Week of Sept 10/ Témoins au CPPM

[6] Testimony September 5, 2012 - Shaun Fynes

[7] MPCC Fynes Hearing resumes Sept 5 - Mr. Shaun Fynes, Cpl Langridge’s stepfather

[8] Release soldier suicide documents or face Federal Court chairman tells MacKay

[9] Suicide note coverup ‘unforgivable’, colonel tells military inquiry


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