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Peculiar behaviour by Harold Leduc MMM CD


Sylvain Chartrand CD:
Good day all,

The following is for the widest distribution please,

Apologies for the delay in producing the promised dialogue summary with recommendations. There is so much rich material to capture. The document should hopefully be ready for wide distribution this coming Monday.

In the mean time, comments on the following are useful to keep the dialogue going.

Politician(s) and individual veterans aside, Mike Blais of the Canadian Veterans Advocacy was the only leader of any of the numerous organizations to publicly take Government to task for arrogantly stating that there is no longer a sacred social contract between veterans, the people and Government of Canada.

1. Why did the organizations who claim to represent all veterans not stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with CVA if they truly believe in the principle of 'One Veteran' and the language of the 'Veterans Bill of Rights'?
2. What message does their silence send the greater Veterans community, Government and Canadian citizens?
3. Is their silence an appropriate response to the Government's breach of a long established sacred trust?

After the Government threw out the social contract, comments in this forum reveal that the Royal Canadian Legion's 18 organization consultation group intend to continue working with Government to advocate to the benefit of a very few veterans against the far reaching broader benefit to the entire veterans community argued by Miller Thompson in the Equitas law suit. The organization's actions show that they will continue to work with the Government regardless of the cost to the plaintiffs representing all veterans or seemingly without care of jeopardizing the law suit.

1. Under the circumstances, are the organizations helping or hindering the plaintiffs?
2. Shouldn't the organizations be supporting the plaintiffs's under the principle of 'One Veteran'?
3. Will the Government ever take the law suit serious if the Organizations continue to give them an easy way?

The ongoing transparent dialogue makes us stronger and better informed as a community.

In solidarity,


I didn't understand the Headline at first, which I read as, "Peculiar Behaviour BY Harold Leduc MMM CD" rather than as, "Peculiar Behaviour" - by Harold Leduc MMM CD... ;)

The first interpretation would infer that Harold's behaviour was peculiar, while the second interpretation would suggest that Harold found someone else's behaviour peculiar... After reading the story, I believe the second interpretation to be the intended Headline... hehe


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