Author Topic: Harold Leduc looking for comments on Veterans Ombudsman  (Read 2176 times)

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Harold Leduc looking for comments on Veterans Ombudsman
« on: August 28, 2013, 07:22:15 PM »
Good day all,

For the widest possible distribution and discussion throughout your networks please.

-The current Government's introduction of the Veterans Bill of Rights is evidence that veterans rights are abused.
-Government lawyers in the recent Equitas court hearing established that the current Government are the abusers.
-They used the work of the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman (OVO) and Legion advisory groups to undermine the lawsuit.
-For the first time since WWI, the organizations failed to effectively protect veterans rights, in response this Government established the OVO.
-The current Veterans Ombudsman (VO) is silent as veterans are publicly humiliated, stripped of benefits, military disabilities aggravated and rights abused.
- Discussion among veterans show a growing dissatisfaction with the VO's performance .

The VO has an obligation to ensure veterans are treated fairly in accordance with the Veterans Bill of Rights.

1. Comparing performance to mandate, do you believe the VO is fulfilling his obligation to veterans? Why or why not?

2. If not, then what should the veterans community do about it? 

Your feedback is important if the veterans community is to take it's rights seriously.

In solidarity,



Please direct your comments to

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Comments on Veterans Ombudsman by Harold Leduc
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2013, 11:26:12 PM »
From: Harold Leduc []
Sent: September-05-13 1:40 AM
Subject: Veterans Ombudsman (comment summary)

Good day all,

For the widest possible distribution please.

Thanks for your thoughts on the Veterans Ombudsman (VO) and his office (OVO) solicited in the email of 28 August 2013 (text below). The following sample response extracts show that veterans are mostly dissatisfied with the OVO for a number of reasons that include:
- Waste of time to deal with government payed individuals to effect change.
- Veterans Bill of Rights is an affront.
- At best he is window dressing issues and appearing at ceremonies for photo ops.
- Get the OVO answerable to Parliament, and Parliament only.
- Our elected officials are not foolish enough to appoint someone who is not sympathetic to their needs.
- Should be chosen by the Veterans themselves, based on merit, not patronage.
- This person's silence speaks volumes.
- This VO got to go the same as this government.
- The Veterans Ombudsmans Office is a joke. Most Veterans are smart enough to find systematic problems on their own.
- Whenever you call them they can't do anything.
- We can't count on anyone we have to do it ourselves.
- We have a Ombudsman who has more ineffective chits than one can count and we put up with it.

Responses to what should the veterans community do about the dissatisfaction include:
- Petition him out of office but before hand we must make a clear and truthful statement about him.
- The only actions we can do is vote and write our MP's.
- Have a vote of non confidence.

Based on the above it is obvious that veterans lack confidence in the OVO under the current VO's leadership and have expressed creative ways to deal with it. This information should prove useful as the community builds capacity moving forward. Responses to the following question will be equally useful.

Under his current term, the VO is in office for another two years. What could he do to improve his and the OVO's image in the eyes of the veterans community?

In solidarity