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Leave No Veteran Behind Website
« on: April 18, 2012, 04:48:49 PM »
More than 4,200 medically released disabled veterans have had their long term disability income replacement payments (known as SISIP) reduced by the value of their pain and suffering disability pension.

The result of the claw back is that the most disabled veterans receive very little or nothing from the SISIP plan, which they have paid into their entire career. Over the remainder of his or her lifetime the claw back costs the most severely disabled veteran hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Government has taken the position that it will see our veterans in court, a process that has been ongoing for four years, and could go on for many more years. The Government has further taken the position that if a veteran dies before the merits of the case are eventually heard in court, the veteran’s widow cannot receive compensation even if the claw back is ruled unconstitutional.

This claw back must be fixed for everyone. Canada's disabled veterans should not be left behind.
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