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Concussion Coach (App)
« on: February 18, 2014, 09:51:45 AM »
Concussion Coach was designed for Veterans, Servicemembers, and other people who have symptoms that may be related to concussion, or mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. This app can be used by itself, but it may be more helpful when used along with treatment from a health provider.

Features include:

    Education about concussion symptoms and treatment options.
    Tools for screening and tracking your symptoms.
    Relaxation exercises and tools for managing problems related to concussion.
    Direct links for community-based resources and support.
    Personal contact list, photos and music.

Free Concussion Coach download from: iTunes (iOS)*.
Concussion Coach will be available for Android devices in 2014

How to use Concussion Coach
Concussion Coach Screen

Concussion includes any blow to the head that results in a change in perception, loss of consciousness, or a loss of memory for the events right after the injury.

Symptoms that can result from concussion include emotional challenges (such as getting angry more easily), physical problems (such as headaches and dizziness), and cognitive issues (such as concentration or memory problems).

Concussion Coach offers tools to assess symptoms and cope with related symptoms. This app is best used when you are in face-to-face treatment with a health provider.

NOTE: Concussion Coach is not meant to be a replacement for diagnosis, medical treatment, or rehabilitation therapy with a health provider.
Privacy and security

Any data created by the user of this app are only as secure as the phone/device itself. Use the security features on your device if you are concerned about the privacy of your information. Users are free to share data, but as the self-monitoring data belong to each user, HIPAA concerns do not apply while the data is stored or shared. If the user were to transmit or share data with a health care provider, the provider must then comply with HIPAA rules.
Who Created Concussion Coach

Concussion Coach was created by the VA's National Center for PTSD in partnership with VA's Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Services and the DoD's National Center for Telehealth & Technology.

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