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Operation Family Doc (NCR)
« on: September 01, 2014, 08:12:01 PM »
Operation Family Doc

The goal of Operation Family Doc is to connect Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families with a primary healthcare provider when they are relocated, retiring or releasing from the military in the National Capital Region (NCR).

In September 2012, with the support of Military Family Services, the Military Family Resource Centre - National Capital Region (MFRC-NCR) partnered with the Academy of Medicine Ottawa to create Operation Family Doc (OFD).  Families who choose to participate are connected with the participating OFD physician closest to their current home.  In the first 18 months, 1397 patients accessed the program and partnerships were established with 54 local clinics. Currently the program operates with a 100% placement for NCR residents within Ontario and 81% placement for NCR residents living in Quebec. For the moment, most Quebec families are with a physician in Ontario while waiting for placement with a physician in Quebec.

OFD has launched a campaign for partnerships with Quebec-based clinics.Towards enhancing your potential and expediting your acceptance by a family physician in Gatineau, it is very important that your family register with the CSSS Guichet d’access Registration Program for Clients in Search of a Family Doctor.  Under “Other comments” please state clearly that you are Canadian Armed Forces Family.  Physicians are remunerated by the province for accepting patients from these lists and Operation Family Doc has launched an education campaign to encourage the selection of military families.

To participate in Operation Family Doc, please contact Robyn Curry, OFD Coordinator at (613) 993-8671 or

Download Family Referral Form Here
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