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The final front: Veterans versus Harper in 2015/ A full chapter from "Party of One" by Michael Harris (12 pages)

The final front: Veterans versus Harper in 2015

Monument-lovers were impressed with all that pomp. But what about the people at the centre of this carefully orchestrated exercise in emotional crowd-control — the living veterans? What are they doing?

Are they cheering their closet commander? Are they mistaking jingoism for patriotism — as so many are these days,  including quite a few people in the media? Have they chosen marketing over information?

They have not. In fact,  the veterans are here not to praise Caesar but to bury him. That’s why veterans Ron Clarke and Mike Blais have launched an Anybody But Conservative campaign to rally opposition against the government in time for the election., Those who have been watching the veterans’s file closely on Harper’s watch — rather than listening to the Top Gun drivel being dished out by the PM — know that a national disgrace has been unfolding in Canada. While the Harper government has been a great little military monument-builder ($50 million added to that budget),  it has abandoned the flesh-and-blood veterans who came back from war needing help.



Delay,  deny and die: The Harper government and veterans
By Michael Harris | Nov 11,  2014

We’re proud to present a chapter from iPolitics’ columnist Michael Harris’s bestselling book about the Harper majority government,  Party of One. In the following chapter,  Harris describes how budget-cutting and bad messaging put Stephen Harper’s government on a collision course with Canada’s veterans as the Afghan war was winding down.
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