Author Topic: SISIP CLASS ACTION - Undeliverable Settlement Packages  (Read 14722 times)

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SISIP CLASS ACTION - Undeliverable Settlement Packages
« on: April 02, 2015, 05:09:42 PM »
SISIP CLASS ACTION - Undeliverable Settlement Packages

Dear Class Members,

Re: Dennis Manuge v. Her Majesty the Queen
HFX. No.: T-463-07
Undeliverable Settlement Packages

Since April 15, 2013, we have delivered settlement packages to over 8,000 class members. We have not been able to send a number of packages to some class members as we do not have their current contact information. If you have not received your settlement package to date,
please review the list below to see if your name is on it. If so, please contact (902) 444-8417.

First Name Last Name
John Barry
Roy Bartlett
Greg Beaudoin
Jimmy Bechard
Denis Bigras
Matthew Bish
James Bolger
Robert Boychuk
James Campbell
James Campbell
Woodrow Cassell
Brian Caunter
Miguel Chavez
Mario Chevarie
Douglas Clark
Joseph Coffin
Michael Dahl
Kevin Dent
Roderick Dooley
Ricky Duff
Thierry Duhamel
Cyril Esliger
James Fischer
Tyler Flaumitsch
Dominique Fortier
Christopher Fraser
Eric Gagnon
Allan Gervais
Troy Graham
Jeffrey Gravel
- 2 -
undeliverable packages posting for lnvb & fb (3-jul-14).docx
Mark Griffiths
John Harvey
Bruce Hogan
Sirkka Kallio
Kane Richard (Betty)
Daniel Lafontaine
Pierre Laforce
Line Laliberte
Yves Lambert
Jean LeBoeuf
Stephane Leroux
David Levenick
Yves Lorrain
Miriam MacKinnon
Jason Marleau
Bruce McChesney
Douglas McGowan
Kurt McKechnie
Donald McKinley
Yves Michaud
Richard Morency
Geoffrey Morgan
Dwayne Nassy
Myron Owad
Derek Peckford
Bradley Perrault
Michael Popovich
Luke Powers
Keith Pringnitz
Shawn Raines
Rene Ratti
David Riche
Nancy Auclair
Wayne Rostad
Anthony Sanger
Caroline Savage
Michael Springchief
Francois St-Laurent
James Swan
Walter Taggart
Amy Thistle
Brent Thornhill
Alyre Tremblay
Nathan Wedel
Shawn Wheaton
- 3 -
undeliverable packages posting for lnvb & fb (3-jul-14).docx
John White
John Zulak