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by Wolf William Solkin


I have, in previous columns, expended much emotional energy and many woeful words voicing my vituperative views about what I perceive as the bad behaviour and negativism of some senior staff at Ste. Anne's (Veterans) Hospital, along with similar symptoms evinced by some of the bungling bureaucrats at Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), notable also for their niggardly notions of austerity cuts affecting Veterans.             

Having spent all that valuable time and  talent, without any adequate assurance that those paltry people (let alone their indifferent Parliamentary patrons) were paying any heed whatever to my "sour gripes",  I felt it was high time to remind them of  why and to what end they have been hired,  and on whose tab, so that perhaps they will stand back a bit from their dandy desks, long enough to gain a better perspective of what truly should be their real responsibilities and relationships with the vulnerable  Veterans in their charge, of whatever war they waged at their country's call, be it WW II, Korea, "peacekeeping" missions in countries that may never see peace,or the latest FUBAR in SNAFGHANISTAN.

That brings me to what I have termed "The Ten Commandments" for all VAC employees, setting forth in no uncertain terms, how and why Canada's War Veterans are to be treated by those employed by our government to do so. This apparently  long forgotten and sadly ignored Government of Canada document was given to me after it was discovered in an an obscure storage room at Ste. Anne's Hospital.  It is a straightforward  statement, prepared by an anonymous authority within the venue of Veterans Affairs, in the good old days when the word "Veteran" was still virtually venerated.  It is  presented in the form of a Middle-Ages illustrated manuscript, expounding ten basic principles  and precepts to be observed and embraced by ALL  Veterans Affairs civil service employees, regardless of grade, dealing with Veterans at any level, in any matter.

The verbatim text of those ten tenets is displayed below:

are the most important persons to all of us.

VETERANS are not an interruption of our work;
they are our work. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

VETERANS are dependent upon us;
our reputation is dependent on them . :::::::::::::

VETERANS have a right to call us;
we are not doing them a favour by serving them.

VETERANS are not people to argue with,
But individuals to comfort and assist .  :::::::::::::

VETERANS are part of our business,
not outsiders.  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

VETERANS are not cold statistics; each one is
a flesh-and-blood human being with feelings
and emotions like our own.  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

VETERANS bring us their problems; our duty
Is to justify their faith in us.  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

VETERANS deserve the most courteous and
attentive service we can give them.  ::::::::::::::

Remember always, if VETERANS did not have
problems there would be no need for Veterans
Affairs.  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

             Government of Canada
                  Veterans Affairs

The ten adjurations contained in this inspirational major manifesto were intended to be held in the heart and seared into the mindset of each and every staff member of Veterans Affairs. However, I'm afraid that more than a few of them may have misplaced that mantra  in the process of focusing on other issues of greater import to them, such as (perhaps) seniority, authority, promotions, pensions and other matters more momentous to them than the core cause for their very employment, as delineated in the above "Magna Carta"....caring for Canada's Veterans !

If I had my druthers , I would first filch some funds from the budget allocations to Veterans Affairs Canada's Department of Human Resources and their Public Relations/Promotions programs. I would then deploy those dollars to duplicate many dozens of copies of "The Ten Commandments ",  and make it mandatory that every desk jockey whose livelihood is derived from ensuring the welfare of our old war horses ( and their younger comrades-in -arms, as well), MUST permanently post that protocol in a prominent position on his/her  office premises, so that those civil servants will be ever mindful of their primary purpose and the processes by which to achieve its avowed fulfilment, each and every time they chance to look up from their pile of paperwork.

Then maybe...just maybe... we could all, together,  gather at the river in "The Promised Land", where all Veterans will receive the care, the attention, the respect, the value and the dignity to which they are deservedly entitled , as embodied in VAC's very own "TEN COMMANDMENTS".

That's about it for now, except for my recurrent plea that we all should always remember., to.......

                                            .....LEAVE NO VET BEHIND !


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