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Tactical New Magazine (Germany) articles written by me
« on: January 11, 2014, 07:39:51 PM »
Please allow time for these to load when you click on the links. The files are rather large.

These articles are positively controlled written works by yours truly with the generous help and contributions of many. Please allow time for the magazine to load when clicking on it for viewing:

OCTOBER 2013 Article One: Pages 84-86


NOVEMBER 2013 Article Two: Pages 64-69

Submission from a Youth Worker in a Canadian Correctional Facility

DECEMBER 2013 Article Three: Pages 32-36

Submission from an Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman on Leadership and Assertiveness

JANUARY 2014 Article Four: Pages 36-41

Submission from Mike Blais, and many others:

FEBRUARY 2014 Article Five: Pages 46-48

Submission on morally blurred video games versus our current stigma cocktail:

DECEMBER 2014 Article Six: Pages 56-61 (Teaser to the online booklet that I have been working on since February)

Acting on Values and Changing the Way You Think:
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