Author Topic: VIGNETTES OF VALUE By Wolf Solkin Ste Anne Hospital  (Read 1110 times)

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VIGNETTES OF VALUE By Wolf Solkin Ste Anne Hospital
« on: March 06, 2017, 03:42:57 AM »
VIGNETTES OF VALUE By Wolf Solkin Ste Anne Hospital;topicseen#msg18033

Dear Michel,

The following accurate anecdotes are very revealing of some of the current undercurrents pertaining to Ste. Anne's employees' attitudes and morale, and, by osmosis, the negative effect upon the Veterans in their charge :

1. I was visited yesterday by a former and excellent orderly of mine who, after over twenty years of dedicated and excellent service , retired from her job on the day the Transfer took place. She announced that she had applied and was rehired here as a cleaning lady.  When I asked why she declined to return as an orderly, for which position she was eminently qualified, and which offered higher pay and better benefits, she replied that many of her former colleagues, who had remained here, told her that the work conditions for orderlies were now so undesirable and untenable , under Provincial  jurisdiction, that they would definitely discourage her from hiring on as such......Q. E. D.      Quel Dommage !

2. By sheer coincidence, also yesterday, I had occasion to speak with two of the higher calibre orderlies who have attended me, both of whom deserve much kudos for having studied hard, over a prolonged period of time, while still, actively employed here, to successfully pass the exams for accreditation as a Nursing Assistant, but are still, (under)- employed as orderlies, with no indication as to when, or even if, they will ever be hired in their higher capacity. Their sense of full frustration and deep disappointment, is as palpable as it is understandable.

3. Again today, a "substitute" nurse, dispensed my morning medications to me, with yet another (fortunately, minor) mistake, in the omission  of one med, which I drew to her attention, for correction. [That makes for " three strikes", but.I'm not "out"........yet].

4. What with a significant shortage of nurses today, in an effort to stop the haemorrhaging, the omnipotent Replacement Unit, in all its wisdom, transferred one of my floor's "regulars" to the Pavillon, and, to compensate for the void thus created. transferred one of the Pavillon's  "regulars" to my floor !?   Will wonders...and blunders..never cease ?   [Perhaps the Replacement Unit should be replaced, if we are to place any confidence in its replacement procedures].

That ought to do for one morning's musings.

Best regards,

Wolf Solkin.
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