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Canadian Veteran Advocacy FaceBook Live Episode No. 1

JAN 5th 14:15 EST (max 30 min) VAC Assistance Services

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[1] Introduction
[2] Social Media
[3] My Advocacy with CAF, VAC and SISIP
[4] Brief overview of subjects
 a. Recording conversations with VAC
 b. VIP Denial
 c. CAF Medical Release Exam
 d. Role of CM
 e. Medication
 f. PTSD and consequential conditions
 g. Conditions that give you dental
[5] Subject of the Day: VAC Assistance Services

Main area of advocacy:
 1. CAF Medical Release Exam
 2. ResF
 3. VIP assessments and reassessments

Never a 100% guarantee in success when we intervene and service depends greatly on level of health.

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