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CVA Sit Rep - 10-Apr-2012 - Military Police Complaint Commission Hearing -  Fynes complaint.

Be advised that a Canadian Veterans Advocacy Humanitarian Support Team were present today in Ottawa to stand beside Mrs. Sheila Fynes at the public hearing investigating the Military Police’s actions in the aftermath of Corporal Stuart Langbridge’s tragic suicide at CFB Edmonton in 2008. I would thank Kelly, Rhoni and Richard Blackwolf, Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association for joining me during what was indeed a very frustrating day. We are always seeking veterans for humanitarian ops such as this and would hope that you would share our compassion for the families of those who serve by assisting our mission if you are in Ottawa and can spare an morning or an afternoon to sit beside memorial Cross Mother who needs veterans help...  step up

It was not a pleasant day (understatement!) and listening to some of the testimony and the arguments in reference to the redaction of information on behalf of the government's legal team has left a very bitter taste in my mouth even though I understand they are just doing their job. The transcripts of today’s (and every days) testimony will be posted at the CVA information portal when M. sends them to us and I would encourage every veteran to read them so that you might truly understand how serious this issue really is and the need for full and complete transparency on behalf of the government of Canada .

Full and complete transparency however, has proven elusive.

This point was aptly demonstrated this afternoon by the anti-redaction arguments made by defense and commission counsels and the determined pro-redaction arguments made on behalf of the Canadian government’s team of lawyers. As an observer I could not be help be struck by the futility of the situation should the government’s position prevail.

How can justice be served if the volumes of documentation provided to counsel are struck by the blight of redaction?

How can Military Police Complaints Commissioner Chairman Glenn Stannard possibly fulfill his mandate to the Fynes, the Crown, Stuart’s brother and sister in arms and those who serve today if he is denied the information that both he and the Canadian public require to render true judgment.

Let it be understood by all Canadians, this Hearing has been convened by the government to investigate the behavior of the military police in the aftermath of a tragic, perhaps preventable suicide.  Let there be no doubt also that Stuart Langbridge was a victim of the Afghanistan War just as was the valiant trooper that the LdSH interned the day he took his life. Mrs Fynes has been awarded the Memorial Cross, testimony of their sons sacrifice and Minister of Defense Peter Mackay has formally apologized to Cpl Langbridge’s family for the repugnant manner in which they were treated in the aftermath of their son’s death.

Justice must prevail.

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy believes that the Commission’s quest for justice is being threatened, that the conditions established by the government when they approved the Hearing has corrupted any chance of justice being served as long as redacted materials thwart the MPCC Hearings primary objective… to seek the truth!

Thousands upon thousands of taxpayers dollars have been committed to the logistics, travel, wages and accommodations. The fees of all the lawyers/legal staff, those representing the Commission, the Government and the Fynes lawyer, retired Colonel Michel Drapeau, are all paid by the government of Canada… to attain what?

Public justice cannot be served unless ALL the information relating to the events surrounding the complaint are provided in a public, transparent and expedient manner.

How can we, the Canadian public the Military Police Complaint Commission Hearing created to inform the Canadian public, be served when the information required for Commissioner Stannard render a rational, intelligent decision has been redacted?

There are two options, first, a prolonged battle in the federal courts wherein we, Johnny and Joni  Cannuck pay for the ride for lawyers of both sides or….

Or the minister responsible, Minister for National Defense Peter MacKay, can expediently order the redaction removed as they relate to the MPCC Hearing’s reason for existence!


The Canadian Veterans Advocacy endorses the second option and we are hoping that you will pass this email on to as many of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances who support the course of justice and encourage them to contact Minister for Defense Peter Mackay and request of him to fulfill his sacred obligation to Canada’s Sons and daughters and the justice each and every one of them deserve when they are sacrificed in OUR name.

Email, telephone, fax, personal contact… just do it…

Michael L Blais CD
Founder/President, Canadian Veterans Advocacy
6618 Harper Drive, Niagara Falls, Ont, Cda.
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