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Ottawa Sit Rep - 11- April 2012 - Contact, wait out
« on: April 11, 2012, 07:18:15 PM »

Ottawa Sit Rep... the drum beat carries on...

Sylvain and I sat with Sheila Fynes today at the hearing, interesting day. I will not comment on events as serving members are testifying and I would not cast dispersions on their service even though... in my heart, SERIOUS QUESTIONS have been aroused, perhaps even into the Never Pass a Fault Zone! (Pro Patria)

SISIP and VAC staff cuts... while we have primarily been occupied with the Fynes Military Police Complaint Commission Hear5ing since laying the Vimy Wreath at the National War Memorial on the 8th, other issues have come to the forefront. The CVA executive are most displeased at the level of compensation accorded to our brothers and sisters who serve in the reservists when the SISIP and ELB award, does not conform to the 40 K minimum annual salary that is required to provide the BASIC TENETS - FOOD, SHELTER and WATER?

One veteran, One frigginmg standard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We cannot stand idle while valiant Canadian patriots who serve as reservists are confronting the same grave peril, the same enormous threat to life and limb as are our front line regiments... and experiencing the same profound consequences of war.

261 jobs have been slated for the block on the front line of Veterans Affairs Canada's, something that will surely have a detrimental effect on the services that apply to veterans of all generations.

Transparency and accountability... I will be meeting with Yvon Thauvette, president of the Union of Veterans Affairs Canada in an hour to discuss the cuts and how they will affect services for veterans. Do not misconstrue my intent, tomorrow I will be speaking with James Gilbert (time permitting) and I want top have a complete grasp on the situation before we engage. We are soldiers, we will use every tactical facet that is presented, no matter how insignificant to will the battle.

Stand with me, stand with us, damn it, answer the cries of the wounded, answer the cries of the widow, mothers, fathers.... Answer the cries of the abandoned...


We will walk the walk for those who cannot walk ether by disability or distance, this nation is large, we must focus on Ottawa, that is where you support will be focused, Ottawa where we shall prevail.
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