Author Topic: Kenneth H. Young CD in Vietnam, Agent Orange  (Read 2037 times)

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Kenneth H. Young CD in Vietnam, Agent Orange
« on: April 17, 2012, 05:59:36 PM »
Please make a note: The children shown here are in relative good shape. I have many of the pictures of although horrid birth defects that in the case of  Agent Orange Disabilities what might be called middle or the road. The very seriously deformed, the very sick and the violent we were never shown.

Because of  and in respect for our PTSD Veterans and their recoveries', we have declined to show them.

This Veteran when seeing so many disabled and helpless children who are now second and third generation Survivors of Agent Orange (Toxic Rainbow Chemicals) and the birth defects which they cause Had to ask myself, “Where is the Humanity?”
I have watched here in Canada as the world came to the humanitarian aid of countless earthquake victims most notably Haiti, I have watch as we came to the humanitarian aid of repeated tsunami victims, most notably Boxing Day in Indonesia and I have watched as we came to the Humanitarian aid of Flood, fire and storm victims all around the world. Than again I ask when their are millions of  Chemical Defoliant Victims and as many as 500,000 children just like the ones I visited in Vietnam, “Where is the Humanity for them? Where is the world?”
Every country is so worried that by giving aid to these children it could be miss-con-screwed as an admission of guilt, or would offend the people involved, that little or no countries have come to their aid .

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