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Ste. Anne?s Hospital Officially Recognized by Accreditation Canada: A Global Mark of 93.4% and Two ?Best Practices?

Accreditation Canada official seal

In the Fall of 2011, Ste. Anne?s Hospital received full Accreditation by Accreditation Canada for the next three years, based on a global mark of 93.4% for the high quality of the care and services it offers Veterans. This Accreditation continues a long tradition of excellence that dates back more than 50 years at the Hospital.

Accreditation Canada is an external organization, renowned internationally, which assesses the quality of care and services delivered by Canadian care facilities, based on recognized standards of excellence.

The Hospital has received very high marks in several of the dimensions that have been assessed, including:

    * 98% for the quality of care in long-term care.
    * 99% for the quality of ambulatory care offered by its Day Care
    * 96% for infection prevention.

Furthermore, two practices unique to Ste. Anne?s Hospital have been officially recognized by Accreditation Canada as ?best practices?:

    * The Follow-up of the Residents' Body Mass developed by the Hospital?s Dietary Service, which allows precise and personalized assessments of how effective the interventions in clinical nutrition are.
    * The Face to Face Communication System, developed by the Communications and Commemoration Directorate, which creates, through a mechanism of regular meetings between managers and employees, a culture of bidirectional and shared information by ensuring that messages be delivered without distortion, in a synchronized and homogeneous manner, to all employees, and that systematic feedback be generated.

Veterans Affairs Canada is very proud of these results, which reflect the continued commitment of its staff towards maintaining the high quality of care and services offered to Veterans.
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