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As you know, Our Duty has been circulating this petition for some time.  By now, you are probably wondering what I intend to do with a mere 600+ names?  Well, I had hoped to have many more, but this petition is only part of the plan, and a rather small part.

That petition will accompany letters signed by some 35 communities in NL, including the capital, representing a significant portion of the population.  The letter (see below) is a simple statement of intent.  It is deliberately general, in order to facilitate it's signing, and I went to municipalities because they a) represent citizens and b) don't have a financial or political conflict with showing support.  So, while you may not get your Premier to sign such a thing on behalf of your province, if you get all the cites and towns to sign, it still represents all the people of the province!

Given the pending federal election, it seems that it will be some time before I can present these to the house, so I urge you to adapt and send the cover letter and UNALTERED document to your local councils or even all the ones in your province.  The more of these we get signed, the bigger our message.  Please have them all sent to me.



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