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Press Release: Veterans Support Survey Criticism
« on: April 18, 2012, 04:54:58 PM »
Press Release: Veterans Support Survey Criticism

Submitted by ourduty on Mar 12, 2012 - 10:31 AM

Last week, Our Duty released a report criticizing a 2010 VAC survey, which found 80% of Canada's veterans were satisfied with services and benefits from the depart. That report has received the endorsement of some high-profile veterans.

Veterans Support Results Unsatisfactory Press Release - March 12, 2012 - Last week, Our Duty made Results Unsatisfactory A Critical Review of the 2010 VAC National Client Survey public. The report is harshly critical of the Veterans’ Affairs survey, calling it “invalid, unreliable, and inconclusive.” Our Duty is particularly concerned that the survey will be used to pan the forthcoming cuts to the department.

Some high-profile veterans have come forward to endorse the work of the citizens’ organization; including Pat Stogran, Sean Bruyea, and Dennis Manuge, who shared a stage in 2010 to reveal publicly the failings of Veterans’ Affairs. The following are reaction from the veterans’ community.

Expanded comments and the Results Unsatisfactory report are available at

Comments Begin:


I would go further than saying the results are unsatisfactory, I would say they are absolutely scandalous! - Pat B. Stogran, Colonel (retired)

(Pat is the former Veterans’ Ombudsman.)


Excellent Jeff. I have been following and disputing VAC client surveys for years. They are substantially bogus, complete with misleading questions, limited outreach and selective participants. I support your observations and condemnation of the matter. - Sean Bruyea

(Sean Bruyea is the veteran who’s privacy was violated and benefits manipulated in an effort to shut him up after he began advocating for veterans.)


I concur with Sean and Pat. I endorse your report 100%. Great work Jeff, - Dennis Manuge, Independent Veteran Advocate, SISIP Class Action Lawsuit

(Dennis has been an advocate for over a decade. He is behind the lawsuit to end the SISIP clawback – for more info, see his site. Dannis has also had his privacy violated by Veterans’ Affairs.)


Support 100 percent. - Mike Blais, Canadian Veterans Advocacy


It should be of no surprise to Vetarans that Veterans Affairs has conducted another another flawed and misleading survey. - John Labelle, Veterans Annuity Campaign coordinator

(John is active in fighting against the pension reduction at age 65 and the lump-sum disability award.)


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President, Our Duty
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