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Build a bike, Change a life, Help a Veteran!

My mission is simple. I want to help a veteran, Inspire the public to do the same & hopefully together we can touch all of their lives in a positive manner! I am choosing a bike build because it is something I relate to. What talent or gift can you think of that might benefit a soldier or his family in your area?

Here's how I plan to do it.

To collect donations of parts, materials & labor, Combine all of them & build a Harley from the ground up! This bike will be awarded to a soldier returning from Afghanistan as a gesture of our gratitude for all they have done, all they have seen, & all they are now dealing with as a result of their service to Canada. This soldier has not yet been chosen. The build team will compile a list of candidates & as a group, We will vote on who the winner will be. No one in the build team can personally know the soldier. I'm not doing all this just to give a free bike to a buddy, I'm trying to help someone who needs a morale boost as well as create more awareness about battle trauma & life changing injuries!

My hope is that other communities around Canada will grab this idea & run with it!

What can you do for a soldier???

My plan: I am in the process of forming a team of people who all have their own unique skill set to bring to the table. Some are painters, some are mechanics & some are just plain happy to be helping a veteran through a project like this!

In the near future, once the ball is rolling, I will be visiting local bike shops & businesses in an attempt to secure the larger parts so the build can begin. Most importantly is the frame which will dictate exactly what we are going to build. Than the Evo engine & a transmission. I am confident that once these vital parts are secured, the rest will fall into place.

As this build comes to life, I will be adding pictures as well as a list of parts received and a list of parts needed. When someone donates time, parts, money etc, their name will appear here if they agree to have it posted.

I have never done a project like this that will involve so many people but I think once it begins, it will be an unstoppable force, Just like our Canadian Warriors!

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