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Building a bike for a Canadian Veteran - News
« on: April 18, 2012, 04:57:30 PM »
Switching to plan "B"!
Posted by Wayne on February 10, 2011 at 10:15 PM    Comments comments (1)

Well, here we are into the second week of February & for some reason, I cannot get past this receipt issue. That means counting on the big boys for the larger parts donations does not look good.

I am not stopping, I am going to build this bike. I am going to have to foot the bill for what I need which could slow the project down but at least it will move forward from this point!

I have a frame lined up & will go look at it in the next few days. It has a valid ownership but more importantly, It allows me to list parts that I will need to complete it!

$800 is the price.

I will shoot a short video clip soon to help explain what's happening, If you have any thoughts or advise, you can post it on this site or e mail me at


                       Pro Patria!!!


November & December.......................
Posted by Wayne on December 29, 2010 at 11:05 PM    Comments comments (0)

Been awhile but I'm still here plugging away at this project. I have received mail from all around the world showing support & offering help with this project.

By now I had planned on having a few video's on here showing the progress. The only part so far that keeps the brakes on the whole thing is my ill fated attempts at getting a receipt book with the government numbers on it. Without the "Authentic" form of receipt book, a person or a company cannot claim their donation to revenue Canada. AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG!

I have been advised by some government offices to register as a business, get a licience & than apply for a charitable organization receipt book. My reply was, "I just want to build a custom motorcycle & give it to one of our soldiers to say thank you!"

I'm not finished ringing door bells on this issue yet but it will force me to push hard to meet my deadline of May 24 long weekend!

Keep the faith people, I will not let you or our soldiers down!

In the mean time, if any one out there can help with this issue, Contact me or join my team, Anyone is welcome to be a part of this project!

I will keep you posted!

My e mail is


Update for October.
Posted by Wayne on October 20, 2010 at 11:28 PM    Comments comments (1)

For those of you who think I vanished, It looked that way but I'm still here!

I am finding this to be a challenge with a full time job, a house full of carpet pilots & my own jobs to keep up on but the team is growing. I have met some stand up guy's who want to do what ever it takes to make this project a sucess. Jim, Jeremy & Rob from the Nanaimo Chapter of the Veterans M.C. are eager to get dirty & help me build this bike. Chopper Dave from the VMC in Edmonton has also endorsed this project & offered to do what ever his chapter can do to make this a sucess. I am honoured to accept their help!!!

I still need to secure funds to get a rolling chassis. I have a list of parts that will almost complete the project including the engine, tranny etc. The total for everything is $3500.

If I can raise that, we are miles ahead & the project will be easly completed in time.

I will post more as info or updates come available.


Update for September.
Posted by Wayne on September 19, 2010 at 6:55 PM    Comments comments (2)

I have been away from the site alot in the last 30 days. Work is busy, My house is up for sale & a few other factors but were back at it again!

I would like to introduce a new member of the build team. From Nanaimo B.C. His name is Jeremy, Also known around here as "Dino Velvet". We will be having a meeting later this month to discuss sponsership possabilities & other related issues that have to be ironed out. As work begin's to slow down this fall, the campagn will increase in many ways.

The reason this site is not organized better than it is, Is because I am not software savvy like some people are but when I find someone that is, I might hand over the controls & focus on getting dirty with the bike!

Hang in there & be patient with me, Together we will get it done!


Update for August
Posted by Wayne on August 7, 2010 at 10:44 PM    Comments comments (0)

well, things are now beginning to progress. I had the opportunity to meet with Steve Drane at his awesome new Harley dealership in the Langford end of Victoria. although very busy on his first day back from a brief holliday, He took the time to sit down with me & listen to my idea's for this project

I expected a lot of hesitation on his part but was thrilled when he told me that this project is a great idea & he is quite willing to be a part of it! We talked about stratagy, best type of bike, who to invite to the day of presentation etc. It was an awesome meeting!

The show room is huge & offer's a lot of leathers, "T"s chrome & more. Not to mention some amazing custom rides for sale! If your in the area, check it out!!!

I will be busy for the next few weeks rattling the cages of some larger corporation's in an attempt to get some coin into the veteran piggy bank.

i will be adding a video very soon now as I have requested a lil' more band width for this site.

Chat to you all again soon, Please keep passing this site along so we can all be proud to help a vet!

as the time get's closer to the big day, I will be giving out a lot of notice for when & where the big day will be. I would like to see all of you there!!!

Im shooting for May 24 weekend of 2011. Less than 9 months to have this all wrapped up.


Update for July.
Posted by Wayne on July 31, 2010 at 1:25 AM    Comments comments (0)

well, Things appear to be off to a good start. Although we are in the planning stage, this project has captured the interest of a lot of people!

I have sent out requests to several celebrities because when this bike is finished & the day arrives to hand it over to it's new owner, I am confident that the level of attendance will be huge!

i plan to have as much media coverage as possible because I want to inspire all of Canada to grab the ball & run with it.

I start meeting some of the larger possible contributors in the 1st week of August. This is when I should have some firm commitments to post here. Once that starts, The build is on!!!

More info as soon  as I get it!


Another thank you to a fellow biker!
Posted by Wayne on July 27, 2010 at 6:55 PM    Comments comments (0)

A big thumbs up to "Lone Wolf" who tore through his shop & mailed a set of pipes across Canada to help the project. I offered to at least pay shipping but he would have no part of that! I will post pic's when they arrive!!

Thank you Brother!


1st donation on pay pal!
Posted by Wayne on July 24, 2010 at 9:27 PM    Comments comments (0)

I would like to thank the "COMRADS MC" for their donation to the bike build! It's stand up people like them that support these causes without hesitation!

Thank you!

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