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Adreniline Rush
« on: April 18, 2012, 04:57:59 PM »

This is an amazing new camp in its first full season. The summer of 2010 saw our trial groups completed and a need for such a camp was identified. THe difference between this camp and others is that the youth gain a valuable education about the sacrifices made by Canada's Veterans and Soldiers.

They do this through experential outdoor activities that relate to tasks/ training a soldier may encounter on training or deployment. No related combat skills are taught. Youth are taught a brief history of the UN and what Canada's role is and why we do it. They are taught about why we enjoy the freedoms we do and where they came from. Then they move into team building activities, basic wilderness survival, use of camp equipment such as stoves and lanterns, orienteering, canoeing, swimming, rappeling/ abseiling, rope bridging, and run the confidence course. We will add more activities as the program develops. Each class/ activity is taught in such a way that it relates to soldiers in the field (on operations). In the end youth have a better understanding of what soldiers go through to ensure we can live free.

Adreniline Rush is NOT affiliated to any government agency (Military or Cadets), Scouts, etc...

The camp is held at Peace Keeper Park - A living Memorial on 500 acres leased from the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority. There are three main monuments/ memorials to our fallen heroes. The most striking is the Path of Honour where visitors will see one white cross adourned with a red maple leaf for each of our heroes killed in the service of peace since our first UN Peace keeping mission. Afghanistan is included.

Adreniline Rush was founded by Veterans who want to give back to their community and work with youth. The staff are Veterans, Soldiers, Cadets, and people who support the troops 110%. This allows youth to learn from the Veterans who were there.

Our feedback from youth and parents from last summer was amazing! We have many youth wishing to return again this summer.

The best part is that its not only the youth who gain from the experience. The Veterans gain as well. Various Veterans who have assisted and worked with us have found its very therapeutic especially for those with PTSD. They have a sense of purpose, are with other like minded individuals, and inadvertantly take part in exposure therapy where they engage groups of people in conversation and activities in a fun and safe environment. They often find that it is a great wway to memorialize their friends who fell in the service of peace and come to terms with their death. Easpecially when they see the light come on within the mind of a youth as he realizes it is the soldier who has provided him with the opportunity to come to camp and live free. Not the politician or their parents (unless the parents are soldiers/ Veterans).

Even if a veteran doesn't wish to assist with the park or camp programs, Peace Keeper Park is YOUR park. It is built for Veterans by Veterans and Soldiers. It is worth the stop. Parkwood Hospital, and the London area Veterans Affairs, OSSIS, JPSU and others have started routinely using the park for various activities, although the park is NOT government affiliated.   

If anyone is in the London area and wants to help out or just see the camp, drop me a message. I will gladly make it happen.   

You can find us at the website listed in this message or on Facebook (search for a group called Adrenilinerush).  Please note Adreniline Rush is spelled incorrectly on purpose. Using the correct spelling may not allow you to find us in a Google search.       

Thanks for reading.

Adreniline Rush
Youth Adventure camp and Corporate Team Building
“Teamwork Leadership Citizenship”
PO Box 20005,  431 Boler Rd
London, ON N6K 2K8
Ph/ fax: 519-641-2230
Cell: 519-871-0002
Promoting the remembrance of the sacrifices made by Canada’s Veterans through experiential outdoor education of youth.
Canadian Veterans Advocacy - One Veteran One Standard

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Re: Adreniline Rush
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2013, 10:10:44 PM »
This is very interesting and has some similarities for the project I am doing. Good work.