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SISIP claim denied - Mooseman
« on: March 24, 2012, 09:33:14 PM »
I served over 31 continuous years in the CF Regular Forces when I released 2008 due to a serious MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident while on duty). The pain I was suffering from caused by the accident constantly compromised my ability to get the job done (excruciating headaches, back pain, dizziness, etc) and I felt I was dragging the system and unit down. Simply put; I couldn't do it anymore from my pain.

About a year prior to release I saw the base SISIP adviser notifying him/them I will be releasing within a year and most likely before my 3B (medical release) could be processed. I was told; "No problem, you will be covered by SISIP even if you release before you are classified 3B". I released as planned and my 3B medical release came in about 60 days after my release date. I noticed that the 3B medical release was backdated to my actual release date, not stale-dated 60 days after. I called SISIP headquarters in Halifax immediately after receiving my 3B letter and was told by my case manager that my benefits should start at any time and will be back dated to my release date. Two weeks went by and still I hadn't heard anything. I called every week (sometimes twice a week) to see if my claim had been processed. Time marched on and still nothing came in. No letters, explanation nor a phone call. Finally (if I remember correctly) 10 months after my first phone call to SISIP head office I received my first correspondence. Claim DENIED, came in a registered letter. I was furious; no explanation or reason. My next step was to seek help from the base benefits adviser. That person put me in touch with Veterans Affairs Canada and the process started with them. {I will get back to VAC in a moment}.

My problem with SISIP is: I was outright lied to by anyone I talked to in the office. I was promised prompt benefits only to have my claim DENIED. Why did I pay into SISIP for 31 years only to have my good faith and consistent regular payments wasted? I was deceived, by numerous people at SISIP main and then completely blind sided by a refusal letter.

I will continue my experience with Veterans Affairs: after my refusal letter had been received I faxed it immediately to VAC for benefits. Fortunately they approved my benefits but as I had delayed in my initial application I was penalized about 4 months in payments. To add to my problems my regular pension didn't start until over 17 weeks after release. That is over four months WITH NO INCOME AT ALL and my pain continued. I couldn't find a part-time job to get by. VAC told me a few weeks and I talked directly with a Department supervisor in Charlottetown NB who was very sympathetic but admitted his hands where tied in when and how benefits could be paid. I'm so sorry, I will try my best he explained. I don't doubt his intentions and actually felt sorry he couldn't do more; but wait I'm the one in pain and left with no means.
Nevertheless I called him and as promised a portion of the money came in; here are some of the deductions I noticed: 1) claw-back from my service pension, 2) claw-back a 4 month penalty for late claim submission, 3) claw-back my previous VAC injury monthly payments, 4) claw-back some type of withholding tax (sorry I can't remember exactly) and finally, 5) claw-back; any income I had during that time period. Wow, this a Revenue Canada dream. Let us get him while he is down, poor and desperate. I'm sure there will be NO argument. Of course I didn't complain, until now I haven't said anything; there was nowhere to complain. No-one to listen and it seemed few who cared.
The next step: I feel a sense of compassion for those who are younger and have less time than I did and who released from health related issues. If they have a fraction the difficulties I experienced with the bureaucratic SYSTEM will they be taken care of? Does anyone CARE. 

If you are injured in the line of duty whether in theater of operations or on your way to work at the base you should feel that I will be taken care of. After all this isn't Russia... is it? I joined the military because I believe Canadians stand for higher morals and set the example for other countries to follow. Is this an example WE want to show to other governments in the treatment of their Veterans? Is this how we treat our own children?  :'(
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