Author Topic: Canadian Veterans Advocacy Situation Report, Ottawa, 8 May, 2012  (Read 1764 times)

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Canadian Veterans Advocacy Situation  Report, Ottawa, 8 May, 2012

1900 hrs, Motel Gatineau, Gatineau Quebec.

It will be an early night tonight, my brothers and sisters. Instead pof breakfast, the day started with an an urgent letter directed to the Minister of National Defense, Peter Mackay, Chief of Defense Staff General Walter Natynczyk and Colonel Blais, JPSU in reference to the urgent health needs of one of Canada’s finest.  I would thank the MND, CDS, the commander of the JPSU and the base surgeon at the identified base for responding to our concerns so quickly and resolving this matter in a manner to everybodies satisfaction. This is the first time I have had to approach DND for such a serious matter and I am grateful for the promptness of the response. Bravo Zulu. The day ended (if it is over) with a conversation with Gordon Jenkins, president of the NATO Veterans Association about the Queens Diamond Jubilee Awards at the National War Museum tomorrow morning at 1000 hrs. I have accepted Gordon’s invitation to attend and am looking forward to meeting many comrades, old and new. The ceremony is open to the public, feel free to drop by and say hello.

We like to multi-task whenever possible when in Ottawa and in addition to providing humanitarian support for Mr and Mrs Fynes throughout the day we took measures to ensure that the Canadian Veterans Advocacy intelligence network is comprehensive enough to ensure that we possess sufficient information to advance the CVA mission statement objectives effectively. This morning, I spoke to John MacLennan, President of the Department of National Defense unionized workers about the impacts the cuts will have on the services the government provides to our troops. We are particularly concerned in reference to health related cutbacks! This afternoon, spoke to Yvan Thauvette, President, Union of Veterans Affairs employees, about a post media report today about Department (VAC) concerns about rapid transformation and the potential cuts in services provided to veterans as a consequence. I have been invited to speak to these issues tomorrow on the Todd Veinotte Show in Halifax at 1130 for ten minutes tomorrow and hope that you tune in.

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