Author Topic: Veterans Affairs Canada’s Privacy Action Plan 2.0 (MORE DETAILS)  (Read 1484 times)

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Executive Summary

    * In fall 2010, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada completed an investigation of a complaint filed against Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) under the Privacy Act that raised issues with the way personal information was handled in the Department.
    * VAC took immediate action to respond to these issues and developed a 10-Point Action Plan that addressed immediate risks by putting in place key governance structures, establishing mandatory training, and developing key policies for the Department. In addition, the Action Plan instituted proactive monitoring and refined access controls to VAC’s electronic information systems.
    * While the main points of the 10-Point Privacy Action Plan were completed by March 2011, VAC recognizes that privacy management requires ongoing vigilance and a firm commitment to maintaining the strong culture of privacy that is at the core of the work the Department does.
    * To accomplish this and maintain the momentum of the 10-Point Plan, VAC is launching the Privacy Action Plan 2.0. This Plan will build on the success of deliverables that were implemented in the original plan and will work to fully integrate privacy protection as part of the Department’s overall management framework. This means looking at privacy in the context of five key management areas and activities:

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