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Hyper Urgent CVA Warning  Order, Operation SISIP-Manuge. Hyper Urgent

Serving members, fellow veterans, military families and patriotic Canadians who support our troops.

On Thursday, May 17,  Dennis Manuge will be traveling to Ottawa to attend Question Period at the House of Commons in an effort to draw attention to the plight that he, myself and 4500 other disabled veterans affected by the cruel and unjust policy. While the court recently ruled favourably for veterans in reference to the Manuge led class action lawsuit, there is a thirty day period where the government has the right to appeal.

Hours after the court announcement, The Canadians Veterans Advocacy launched Operation Positive Review, a dedicated campaign to encourage Canadians to email/write/phone the ministers of defense and justice and encourage them to not appeal the SISIP decision. If you have not done so, please, please, do it now!!!!! It will only take a minute of your time and it can be very effective if you personally write a brief note.

The time has come to take it to the next level.

I apologize for the short prep-time but we must seize every opportunity in our quest to serve veterans and due to the travel times between Nova Scotia and Ottawa, having Dennis on the ground is an opportunity we cannot ignore. Our/YOUR  mission is to rally as many veterans/supporters as possible within the next forty eighty hours and motivate them to join us on Parliament Hill during Question Period.  Dress, medals, blazers, berets or whatever you like bearing in mind that we shall be sitting in the public gallery and there will be press. I would encourage everybody to make up a small SISIP sign that we can hold up afterwards as it is important that the message be clearly defined for the media.

 We owe Dennis a great deal, without his leadership, this remarkable chance for justice would not be upon us. It is our intent to be Mr Manuge’s honour guard, a sign of respect and tribute he truly deserves. Once Question Period is over, we shall move outside to the steps in front of the peace tower where, I hope, Mr Manuge and his supporters will have an opportunity to speak directly to us and the many veterans he represents about the manner in which this government has treated its veterans and the chance they have to do the RIGHT THING by announcing there would be no appeal.

 The CVA team will record these speechs/ event for maximum distribution…. Just in case the government does not hear the cries of the disabled, does not feel the tears of their wives and families.

Please, I would encourage all veterans, legionnaires, peacekeepers, NATO veterans, damn it, every veterans organization in this nation has a stake in this issue so many have been adversely affected! It is our duty to support Dennis and every one of class action members by demonstrating to the government that we seek only justice for the disabled, that they fulfill their Sacred Obligation to those who served in Harm’s Way.

BUT we must act NOW!!!!! While there is an opportunity to affect change. The government has only a couple of weeks to appeal, if we can raise and maintain public awareness and pressure, if we can assure that our message is heard between now and then, I believe we can be successful. 

May 17 RV in front of the House of Commons at 1315 so that we might greet each other in comradeship before entering the hallowed building as a group and assuming appropriate positions in the public gallery in time for Question period. Be early, there will be two levels of security.

Your participation is crucial, we must send a message to the government that we are veterans united under common purpose, that we will fight for justice for veterans today and every day until we have prevailed. By simply showing up, by attending one of our most sacred legislative proceedings, you can make a profound difference, you can have your voice heard without saying a word… 

Pro Patria Semper Fidelis.

Michael L Blais CD
Founder/President, Canadian Veterans Advocacy
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