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We have a chance to Stop C-55 NOW


We have a chance to Stop C-55 NOW
From: Sean K [mailto:xxxxx]
Sent: March 22, 2011 2:15 PM
To: Sean K
Subject: We have a chance to Stop C-55 NOW


We have a chance to stop C-55! Please see below what CPVA and how they are again betraying veterans' interests by lobbying surreptitiously on matters which affect all of us. We can do the same. Write and call these senators and let them know you oppose C-55 and that CPVA does NOT represent the interests of the vast majority of CF veterans. CPVA has reportedly less than 500 members and yet sits at the table making decisions which will affect hundreds of thousands of veterans.
Get on the news if you can!! See my Hill Times article from Monday to get ammunition!!
There is Hope!
Dear CPVA members and associates,
The President of the CPVA, Ray Kokkonen CD, wishes address to you the following important message.
Your support of Bill C-55; An Act to amend the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Reestablishment and Compensation Act and the Pension Act, is urgently required today.
Upon the first reading in the Senate of Canada, Bill C-55 was blocked by the Senators of the Liberal Party of Canada.  Tomorrow, Wednesday the 23 of March the Bill will be presented again to the Senate.
All Veterans are urged to write to their Senators or to one of the Senators listed below whom support C-55 in order to show solidarity and support for the Bill.  You must write today as the Bill will be tabled in the Senate tomorrow.
Members of the Senate Security and National Defence Committee:
            Rom?o Dallaire          613-995-4191
  Grant Mitchell            613-995-4254         
            Lucie P?pin                 613-996-1726
            Robert Peterson         613-995-4220
Leader of the Senate Opposition:
            James Cowan             613-995-4268
CPVA thanks you for your loyal support of Bill C-55 on behalf of all Canadian Veterans.
To view Bill C-55, go to the following link:
Karl O. Morel CD
CPVA Communications


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