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Testimony of the Minister, the Legion, Guy Parent and Joe Sharpe to the Senate


Hi All
Please find attached the testimony of the Minister, the Legion, Guy Parent and Joe Sharpe to the Senate on March 23. The final transcipt version with translation will appear on the Senate website sometime in the usually takes a week or more.
Joe Sharpe was a welcome voice of change.
Brad White has very little understanding NVC issues when he said that C-55 lays to rest the PIA, PIA-S and ELB issues raised by NVCAG and SNAG. It took Pierre Allard to correct the situation confirming that NVCAG and SNAG called for 100% of salary for ELB. SNAG and NVCAG had much more to say on PIA and ELB which C-55 does not even come close to addressing.
Note the discussion of $2 Billion over 50 years.
Note the Conservative Senator praising the $2 Billion not long after.
Note the Chair, Pamela Wallin, trying to stop meaningful discussion on veterans issues.
Note the excellent work of Senator Mitchell and Banks in squeezing out the truth.
Note Guy Parent's testimony backing up the Minister and the Department. That says it all.
Note that the Minister and others claim that the problems of the fall...Privacy, removing the OVO, the demonstrations, suicides, Brian Dyck...were all attributed to 'communication problems' as if the veteran who has no food on his table, no family willing to live with him, obliterated carreers and if it is the veterans' fault for being too slow to understand that these aren't real problems, just communication problems.
What will it take? Nothing has changed at VAC except the astounding reinforcement that senior VAC managers, Ministers and the governing party don't have to listen to veterans because veterans and their families don't know what they sacrificed or what they need.
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