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C-55 Passed But Will It Solve the Problems with the Veterans Charter?


C-55 Passed But Will It Solve the Problems with the Veterans Charter?
By Dave Pugliese Sun, Apr 3 2011 COMMENTS(0) David Pugliese?s Defence Watch
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I?ve received some emails form Defence Watch readers about whether Bill C-55 passed.


Yes indeed, C-55 passed the Senate and given Royal Assent all on March 24.


Not all the senators were happy about passing what they saw as a flawed bill.



As well, a number of veterans advocates have warned that C-55 won?t fix the problems with the New Veterans Charter.


They expect the problems to materialize as the years go by and more veterans speak out about the lack of services offered.


And speaking of the NVC?..This was forwarded to Defence Watch as an example of the difference between the old system and the New Veteran?s Charter. It is from a veteran comparing what he received for hearing loss compared to what a friend is receiving:




The subject most know, but I'm giving an example below just to show how unfair it is using a comparison between me and a friend who just received a lump sum for hearing loss.

When I was first granted a monthly pension from DVA, (Pension Act) at 5%, my monthly cheque with one dependent was $130.00.

So just at 5% for one year that would be $1,560.00. If my hearing never worsened and I live to be 75 it works out to $51,480.00.

In comparison my friend who has two dependents and was given a lump sum at 5% for hearing loss, just received a cheque for $700.00. So if he lives to the same age and stays at 5%, $700.00 VS $51,480.00.
A note, I was given hearing aids without asking and he has to apply.

Yes I would say the ?lump sum? is a huge step forward, for the treasury board?


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