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From: Cpl (ret) Sylvain Chartrand CD ResF []
Sent: April-06-12 4:48 PM
To: 'PETER MACKAY'; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'Peter Mackay 2'; 'CF CFPM'; CF Director Deputy Provost Marshal Police; 'MPCC - Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator'; ''; ''; 'ADM (Fin CS)'
Cc: 'ATIP DND'; 'Privacy Commissioner'; ''; ''; 'Adjointe - Porte-parole adjoints Ancines Combattant'; 'CDS-CEMD'; ''; ''; 'Mercedes Stephenson Sun Media'; 'David Pugliese'; 'CBC Todd O'Brien'; 'Ottawa Herald'; 'Ottawa Citizen'; 'Globe and Mail'; 'CTV News Ottawa'; 'EVAN SOLOMON cbc'
Subject: DND Protected B letter left Unattendent - Military Police Complaints Commission
Importance: High
Sensitivity: Confidential

Minister MacKay,

[1]   Minister, you are ultimately responsible for the staff of the CF/DND. May I strongly suggest to you that you and your staff have failed concerning Privacy Matters.

[2]   Let me refresh your memory:

a.   Dec 2010 Privacy breach confirmed in DND medical files

b.   In and around the time of this media publication, I have send your staff and yourself an indication that medical information from another CHARTRAND was in my medical file. Also, was present was restricted information from another CHARTRAND. You and your staff took NO ACTION what so ever! It is only after two years of email and the ultimate suggestion to your staff that I would copy 308 MP’s, Media and yourself, that they acted on it. A very unfortunate thing to do but it is the only way to get you and your staff to act correctly and accordingly.

[3]   What does that tell me of the conservative Gov’t, CF and DND: You do not care about the privacy of your soldiers and only when cornered will you act. This has been consistent with what I see in other privacy breaches. Unfortunately for the CF/DND and fortunately for soldiers/veterans, I’m very persistent and tenacious.

[4]   Back to the main subject of this email.

[5]   Upon going to the Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC) on the 3rd of April 2012, I saw a brown envelop in the lobby. I proceeded in verifying this letter more closely since I suspected a problem. This had a DND letter head and with a form template, GC 97, indicating the recipient and classification of the letter. This was a protected B letter, left unattended at the MPCC. I called the MP’s NDHQ Ottawa. I made my statement, they saw the person MPCC staff, I gave the letter too to ensure it being secure.

[6]   undisclosed - redacted s.26

a.   At least, the MP’s, they did act not like when Homewood opened up my personal military and protect B mail!! Of which the MP did not do anything about it. CF Provost Marshall, if the MP have no say into this who does?

[7]   My expectations are very clear. An expedited MP investigation. I won’t let this go on forever. It’s also expected that I will be provided with the MP Investigation File No.

[8]   It is also expected that the MPCC ATIP Coord will provide me with the corrective measure put in place.

[9]   Failure to provide me with a response to 6(a), 7  and 8  by April 27th  a follow-up email will be sent. Each subsequent request, if not satisfied, will be asked to be dealt in a shorting time frame until I am provided with the information I seek.

We, the veterans, are here to support the soldiers of today and the veterans of tomorrow. Everything we do now, or don't do will affect these young men and women when they eventually do remove the uniform. Their well-being is paramount. This is the duty of the veteran.

The Canadian Forces cannot have one standard for all military members when it comes to risking your life but different standards of care for those that are injured serving their country.

actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea
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Cpl (Ret) Sylvain Chartrand CD ResF
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From: []
Sent: May-18-12 11:34 AM
Subject: Information Security

Dear Corporal Chartrand:

Thank you for your correspondence of April 6, 2012, concerning the
discovery of an envelope on the receptionist's desk at the Military
Police Complaints Commission (MPCC) that appeared to contain sensitive

First and foremost, I can assure you that the Department of National
Defence (DND), along with the MPCC, takes the security of its sensitive
material very seriously and that stringent protective measures are in
place. Indeed, DND is continuously striving to enhance its already
considerable security processes, and we make a point of investigating
all incidents where sensitive information may be improperly handled.

With regard to the incident you reported on April 3, 2012, it was
immediately and thoroughly investigated by the Military Police. It was
later determined that the envelope did not contain any material of a
sensitive or private nature and that the Protected B designation sticker
was affixed to the envelope as a precaution by the sender. During this
investigation-and in accordance with standard security practice-it was
requested that the photographs you took of the receptionist's desk be
deleted, as it could not be ascertained at that time whether they
contained any images of the envelope's contents or other potentially
sensitive or private information. Your willingness to assist the
Military Police in carrying out these important security measures is

I trust that this information is of assistance, and thank you again for
writing. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for
your service in defence of Canada.


Peter MacKay
Minister of National Defence

c.c.   Office of the Prime Minister