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Niagara Falls ? The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs, announced today that proposed regulatory changes in support of enhancing the New Veterans Charter have been published in the Canada Gazette.
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The Enhanced New Veterans Charter Act, which was passed by the last Parliament in March 2011, features significant changes to the New Veterans Charter to address concerns raised by Veterans, their families, as well as members of Veterans? organizations, advisory groups and parliamentary committees.
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Issue: There are concerns that some Canadian Forces veterans are not receiving the level of support and services that they require. These are Canadian Forces veterans who are the most seriously ill or injured and require greater monthly financial support and those Canadian Forces veterans receiving the earnings loss benefits who are at risk of receiving support that is insufficient to meet their basic needs (i.e. food, clothing, shelter). The provision of the disability award as a lump sum is also a concern and some veterans have expressed a desire to receive their award over time instead. Finally, a housekeeping amendment is needed as the name of one of the New Veterans Charter programs, the Job Placement Program, has been changed to Career Transition Services. These proposed regulatory enhancements are expected to increase earnings loss benefits for approximately 2 300 veterans, provide additional financial support through the permanent impairment allowance supplement to approximately 500 veterans, and provide approximately 29 500 Canadian Forces veterans and members with the option to receive their disability award as a lump-sum payment, as annual payments for the number of years chosen by the recipient, or a combination of both. Regulations Amending the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re


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