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« on: March 26, 2012, 11:29:23 PM »

The CAV, who stood up in numbers across Canada and in many instances took command positions.

Veterans Canada, I salute you!

The Padre, who blessed the dead, the wounded and the living... 

Eric Rebiere, who spoke on behalf of RCMP and Police Service veterans, the latter of which are not accorded VAC coverage even though they have served in a federal capacity. 

Dave Desjardins, veteran and patriot.

Here is Dave Palmer CD and Sylvain. Dave was of great assistance getting organized in Ottawa and getting the word out about the protest. BZ.

Peter Holley and ? his guitarist traveled to Ottawa from St Catharines to since Thank a Soldier, the national anthem and God Save the Queen. He is a staunch supporter of veterans and the cause...


Jacques de Winters, patriot!

Sean Bruyea, long time veterans advocate.   
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