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Privacy Breaches, over 40, at the Military Police Complaints Commission


Mr. Sylvain Chartrand, CD
Canadian Veterans Advocacy
13000 Rue de L’aquilon
Mirabel PQ J7J 1V9

31 Aug 2012

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PRIVACY BREACHES: Department of Justice Canada, Department of National Defence, Canadian Forces and the Military Police Complaint Commission – MPCC 2011-004

References: P1 - GO File #2008-6544 r 22
P2 - GO File #2008-6544_r 3
P3 - GO File #2008-6544_r 4
P4 - GO File #2008-6544_r 6
P5 - GO File #2008-6544_r 7
P6 - GO File #2008-6544_r 139
P7 - GO File #2008-6544_r 153
P8 - GO File #2009-34538_r 62
P9 - GO File #2009-34538_r 683
P10 - 1139-I_r 81
P11 - 1139-J_r 7
P12 - 1139-J_r 18
P13 - 1139-J_r 19
P14 – 1143-N_r 6
P15 – 1139-N_r 6
P16 - 1139-N_r 7
P17 – 1139-N_r 8
P18 – 1139-N_r 9
P19 – 1143_r 3
P20 – 1143_r 4
P21 – 1143_r 6
P22 – 1235_r 1
P23 – 1139-J_r
P24 – 1139-M_r
P23 - Information Security Letter by MDN 18 May 2012

[1]   The purpose of this letter is to lodge a formal complaint against the Department of Justice Canada (JC), the Department of National Defence (DND), and the Canadian Forces (CF), including the Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC), for the numerous, over 40,  Privacy Act violations that have occurred during MPCC 2011-004 (Fynes). It appears that none of these departments have not taken the necessary precautions to protect the personal information of some of the individuals involved in the proceedings. It is certainly even more surprising considering the letter by MND: “ the Department of National Defence (DND), along with the MPCC, takes the security of its sensitive material very seriously and that stringent protective measures are in place.”. Clearly it is not the case and would hope that going on forward it will be to the level the protection of sensitive information be.

[2]   Based on the results of past complaints to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC), the Canadian Veterans Advocacy (CVA) believes an investigation will find this complaint to be well-founded.

[3]   In the past few years, CF members and veterans have expressed concerns over privacy breaches involving the mismanagement and disclosure of personal information, including personal medical information, to unauthorized individuals and/or organizations. Despite the assurances of the Government of Canada and the various departments involved in these breaches, CF members and veterans continue experience serious violations of their privacy.

[4]   For this reason the CVA is asking the OPC to investigate the privacy violations which will be detailed below in this letter under article 29 (3):

Privacy Commissioner may initiate complaint
(3) Where the Privacy Commissioner is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to investigate a matter under this Act, the Commissioner may initiate a complaint in respect thereof.

[5]   To facilitate the requested investigation, we present the following allegations of privacy breaches of which the CVA became aware during its attendance at the MPCC 2011-004 (Fynes):

a)   P1 – GO File #2008-6544 r 22: indicates Date of Birth (DOB) and Service Number (SN) for MCpl Ken Munro

b)   P2 - GO File #2008-6544_r 3: indicates DOB, SN, Address and Phone Number for Royer Charles Hu..Burt

c)   P3 - GO File #2008-6544_r 4:
1.   indicates DOB for Jacques Coppens
2.   indicates DOB for Steve Gillingham
3.   indicates DOB for Dennis Coufield

d)   P4 - GO File #2008-6544_r 6: indicates DOB and SN for Julian Hare

e)   P5 - GO File #2008-6544_r 7: indicates DOB and SN for Sgt Marty Vandelen

f)   P6 - GO File #2008-6544_r 139: indicates DOB for MCpl Ken Munro (second occurance)

g)   P7 - GO File #2008-6544_r 153: indicates SN and Address (?) for a Cpl 1 Fd Amb (Name is illegible)

h)   P8 - GO File #2009-34538_r 62: indicates Statutory Declaration Registration No. for Cpl Langridge

i)   P9 - GO File #2009-34538_r 683:
1.   indicates SN for Major E.G. Jared
2.   indicates SN for MWO R.C. Mainville
3.   indicates SN for WO C. L. Doucette

j)   P10 - 1139-I_r 81:
1.   indicates SN for Lt M.R. Douglas
2.   indicates SN for Cpl J.D Hillier
3.   indicates SN for Cpl J.M Rohmer

k)   P11 - 1139-J_r 7:
1.   indicates SN for Maj JA Stuckart
2.   indicates SN for Capt DJ Broomfield
3.   indicates SN for WO J Ramsay

l)   P12 - 1139-J_r 18: indicates SN for Cpl Royes

m)   P13 - 1139-J_r 19: indicates SN for Cpl Royes (second occurance)

n)   P14 – 1143_r6: indicates the medical condition of Cpl Langridge’s brother

o)   P15 – 1139-N_r 6:
1.   indicates SN for MCpl NC Miller Ldsh

2.   SN for Maj Dj Brromfield Ldsh
p)   P16 – 1139-N_r 7: indicates

1.   SN for Cap VF Hayward

2.   SN Maj DA Macaulay

q)   P17 – 1139-N_r 8: indicates
1.   SN for MCpl S Guszczewski
2.   SN for Capt IM Elkrazati

r)   P18 – 1139-N_r 9: indicates
1.   SN for Sgt DA Jones
2.   SN for Maj EG Jared

s)   P19 – 1143_r 3
1.   Medical information of brother (Stuart)

t)   P20 – 1143_r 4
1.   Medical information of brother (Stuart)

u)   P21 – 1143_r 6
1.   Medical Information of brother (Stuart)

v)   P22 - 1235_r 1
1.   Medical Information of brother (Stuart)

x)   P23 – 1139-J_r
a)   SN for Maj Orr CFRC

y)   P24 – 1139-M_r
a)   SN for Cpl Royes D

z)   The DOB of the Medical examiner was released

[6]   Further to the above-noted privacy breaches, the CVA also observed indications that additional privacy violations are routine at the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadian) (LdSH(RC)). It is our belief that these violations are not unique to LdSH (RC), but are common throughout the CF and DND. During the MPCC 2011-004 (Fynes) we became aware that:
a)   Medical information is sought by staff from the candidate during PLQ courses; and
b)   LdSH(RC) collects personal information contrary to the Privacy Act and Provincial Regulation/Law for Common Law Declaration.

[7]   Finally, the CVA requests the following:
a)   a systemic review of all the MPCC 2011-004 documentation by ATIP Justice, ATIP DND and ATIP MPCC to ensure the redaction of all personal and medical information;
b)   the recall of all documents disclosed to various parties including the Government of Canada, the MPCC, the media and other(s) and measure put in place to ensure that no copies of these document remain in the control of the various parties; and
c)   notification to all individuals, Treasury Board - Directive on Privacy Practice 6.1, who have had their privacy breached that corrective measures are being taken by the responsible authorities to correct the mistakes.

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: May-18-12 11:34 AM
Subject: Information Security

Dear Corporal Chartrand:

Thank you for your correspondence of April 6, 2012, concerning the discovery of an envelope on the receptionist's desk at the Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC) that appeared to contain sensitive information. 

First and foremost, I can assure you that the Department of National Defence (DND), along with the MPCC, takes the security of its sensitive material very seriously and that stringent protective measures are in place. Indeed, DND is continuously striving to enhance its already considerable security processes, and we make a point of investigating all incidents where sensitive information may be improperly handled.

With regard to the incident you reported on April 3, 2012, it was immediately and thoroughly investigated by the Military Police. It was later determined that the envelope did not contain any material of a sensitive or private nature and that the Protected B designation sticker was affixed to the envelope as a precaution by the sender. During this investigation-and in accordance with standard security practice-it was requested that the photographs you took of the receptionist's desk be deleted, as it could not be ascertained at that time whether they contained any images of the envelope's contents or other potentially sensitive or private information. Your willingness to assist the Military Police in carrying out these important security measures is appreciated.

I trust that this information is of assistance, and thank you again for writing. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your service in defence of Canada.


Peter MacKay
Minister of National Defence

c.c.   Office of the Prime Minister

Mr. Sylvain Chartrand, CD
Canadian Veterans Advocacy
13000 Rue de L’aquilon
Mirabel PQ J7J 1V9

Distribution List


Mme Jennifer Stoddart
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Place de Ville, Tower B
112 Kent Street, 3rd Floor
Ottawa , Ontario  K1A 1H3

Mr Alain Belleville
A/Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Place de Ville, Tower B
112 Kent Street, 3rd Floor
Ottawa , Ontario  K1A 1H3


Minister Peter Mackay
509s Center Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

The Honourable Robert Nicholson, P.C., Q.C., M.P. for Niagara Falls, Ontario
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada  K1A 0H8

Mr Jack Harris
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Mr Peter Stoffer
Room 242 Confederation Bldg
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Tel: 613-995-5822

Gen Walter Natynczyk / Thomas Lawson
Chief of the Defence Staff
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0K2 

VAdm Bruce Donaldson
Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0K2

Col Timothy Grub
Canadian Forces Provost Marshal
2200 Walkley St.
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0K2

LCol Gilles Sansterre
Canadian Forces National Investigation Service
2200 Walkley Street
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0K2

BGen JCG Juneau
Commander LFWA - JTFW

BGen Paul Bury
Deputy Commander LFWA

Ms Francine Farley
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
Department of Justice Canada
275 Sparks Street, 9th Floor
Ottawa , Ontario  K1A 0H8

Ms Julie Jansen
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
Department of National Defence
North Tower
101 Colonel By Drive, 8th Floor
Ottawa , Ontario  K1A 0K2

Mr. Sylvain Roy
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
Military Police Complaints Commission
270 Albert, 10th Floor
Ottawa , Ontario  K1P 5G8

BGen Ken Watkin
Judge Advocate General
Department of National Defence
305 Rideau Street

LCol Andre Dufour
Director Law Military Personnel
305 Rideau Street
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0K2 

The Honourable Peter Mackay – Minister of National Defence,
The Honourable Robert Nicholson P.C., Q.C., M.P. - Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada,

Please find an updated report, attached, in which SIX more breaches where found, which bring the total breaches to 49. ATIP MPCC, Justice Canada, ATIP DND, ATIP Justice should or should have known that these breaches occurred and should have taken action.

Let me both remind you of something:

Privacy is not simply an individual right or civil liberty; it is a vital component of the social contract between Canadians and their government. Without privacy, without protective boundaries between government and citizens, trust begins to erode.
I reiterate that the appropriate ATIP Coordinator SHALL1 review all documentation and not only rely on what I have found. Please ensure that this is done.

Let me also be very clear for those GoC employee. This is not in any way, shape or form a transitory document. Therefore this email is protected under the Privacy Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. P-21) and in accordance of the retention period for these type of communication.

The CO of 1 & 3 PPCLI, 1 CMGB HQ have been copied on this email as their members privacy has been breached.

Sylvain Chartrand CD ResF
Director Information Management & Information Technology  / Directeur Gestion de l’Information & Technologies de l’information
Director Client Services Québec / Directeur des services aux client du Québec
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1 1.06 – “May, SHALL” and “SHOULD
“SHALL”as being imperative



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