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News Release
Minister MacKay announces additional Canadian Forces senior promotions and appointments

NR - 12.173 - August 31, 2012

OTTAWA – The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister  of National Defence, is pleased to announce additional senior Canadian Forces  (CF) promotions and appointments for 2012. These officers lead the CF in  defending Canada’s  values, interests, and sovereignty at home and abroad.

“These promotions and appointments ensure that  our men and women of the Canadian Forces continue to benefit from the strong  leadership and support that they deserve,” said Minister MacKay. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank  General Natynczyk for his great work and leadership over the past 4 years and  welcome General Lawson as he settles into his new responsibilities. I also wish  to congratulate the other senior officers who are receiving promotions in  recognition of their contributions to the Canadian Forces.”

“The men and women of the Canadian Forces will  be well-served by these proven and accomplished Senior Officers. To each of  them I send my sincere congratulations and encouragement as they assume their  new posts and responsibilities,” said General Walt Natynczyk. “To my fellow  retiring General Officers, I thank you for your service, counsel and  comradeship. We have been privileged to serve Canada and it has been my honour to  be your Chief of the Defence Staff.”

In addition to those announced in March and May, the following  promotions and appointments for CF senior officers will take place in 2012:

    Lt.-Gen.  T.J. Lawson will be promoted General and appointed Chief of the Defence Staff  at National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ), in Ottawa, replacing General W.J. Natynczyk, who  will be retiring;
    Maj.-Gen.  J.A.J.Y. Blondin will be promoted Lt.-Gen. and appointed Commander Royal Canadian Air Force at NDHQ, in Ottawa, replacing Lt.-Gen. J.P.A. Deschamps, who will be retiring;
    Maj.-Gen.  J.A.J. Parent was promoted Lt.-Gen. and appointed Deputy Commander North  American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), in Colorado Springs, replacing Lt.-Gen. T.J.  Lawson;
    Brig.-Gen.  M.J. Hood will be promoted Maj.-Gen. and appointed Deputy Commander Royal  Canadian Air Force at NDHQ, in Ottawa,  replacing
        Maj.-Gen. J.A.J.Y.  Blondin;
    Brig.-Gen.  J.P.J. St-Amand was promoted Maj.-Gen. and appointed Commander 1 Canadian Air  Division Headquarters (HQ), in Winnipeg,  replacing
        Maj.-Gen. J.A.J. Parent;
    Acting  Brig.-Gen. J.B. Ploughman will be appointed Deputy Commander 1 Canadian Air  Division HQ, in Winnipeg,  replacing Brig.-Gen. J.P.J. St-Amand;
      Col.  H.J. Kowal was promoted Brig.-Gen. (acting while so employed) and appointed  Director General Military Careers at NDHQ, in Ottawa, replacing Brig.-Gen. M.K. Overton;
    Col.  L.E. Thomas will be promoted Brig.-Gen. (acting while so employed) and  appointed Chief of Staff Canadian Expeditionary Forces Command, in Ottawa,  replacing Acting Brig.-Gen. J.B. Ploughman; and
    Capt.  (Navy) M.B. Watson was promoted Commodore (acting while so employed) and  appointed Director General Personnel and Family Support Services at NDHQ, in  Ottawa, replacing Brig.-Gen. F.G. Bigelow, who will be retiring.

After  distinguished service to the CF and Canada, in addition to those  already announced, the following senior officers will retire in 2012:

    General  W.J. Natynczyk;
    Lt.-Gen.  J.P.A. Deschamps; and
    Brig.-Gen.  F.G. Bigelow.

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For  more information on senior appointments at the Department of National Defence,  please visit:

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