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Kenneth H Young - Peace Boat #77 from Japan to Vietnam
« on: September 05, 2012, 09:53:14 PM »
Kenneth H Young CD

    Hi everyone,

    As many of you know I was invited along with Heather Bowser, Jenna Mack (Miss. California and Miss Heart of the US) along with Jon the Welsh reporter who broke the Okinawa Agent Orange story, as a guest Agent Orange teacher on Peace Boat #77 from Japan to Vietnam.

    It was more then a successful program and well over 2,500 people attended our lectures and presentations and there was a very good turnout for Heather and my Question and Answer session which have well thought out questions and equally informative answers, correcting many misconceptions and some misinformation which has been the normal approach to the AO question when governments are concerned.

    It seems that the only people in the world who have heard about Agent Orange and other Rainbow chemical use in Canada are the actual Veterans who are paying the price for Ottawa and the Canadian National Media’s indifference to our Veterans plight and their medical conditions as well as their additional costs due entirely to Chemical defoliation program which took place at CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick Canada between 1956 and 1984.

    One if not the most renounced reporter was shocked and personally told me as I was being interview, that he had never ever heard of Canada’s participation in the testing, and production of the Rainbow Chemicals for use by the US Military in the Vietnam War, and that no one ever suspected that there were Canadian causalities of these chemicals.

    This response from reporters from both Japan and Vietnam was not unique because many guest reporters for many other countries as well as many people writing books on the Vietnam war also approached me for interviews on the subject and many were intrigued and excited about my idea of requesting the Complete UN assembly to hear my request for a UN commotion to set up a world fund to care for the survivors right now, even before guilt or responsibility has been established.

    The war is over, it has been over for many years, diplomatic relations have been re-established and yet many of the first, most second and all of third generations of survivors in Vietnam, USA and even in Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, maybe Japan and many other as of yet admitted to test, disposal and spray areas, are still today paying the price for the Vietnam war’s use of questionable but Toxic defoliation chemicals.

    This is a world problem and the realization that both DND and immune systems were damaged by the use of these chemicals should scare the entire world. Some experts tell us that the DND problem will only last seven generation. Only! But then again many experts regardless of all the documented evidence, told and still tell us that these chemicals were and are safe to humans.

    My fear is that no one can really say for sure weather these damaged DNA’s will ever truly return to normal or weather we are now a Genetically Modified race of Humans with someone as was done in crop seeds, trying to own the modifications, creating a new and genetically owned slave race.

    Putting these outlandish thoughts aside, there is no logical reason why the survivors are not being cared for. I thought that by removing the funding from private corporations and individual countries and handing it to the UN it would remove any chance for people to relate compassionate and humanitarian donations to any admission of guilt or responsibility, freeing both governments and corporations to do the right thing without fear of future recriminations.

    End of Part # 1 of the Peace Boat report.
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