Author Topic: SITREP – Medavie BlueCross Service Providers asking SIN and Prov Health No.  (Read 2071 times)

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SITREP – Medavie BlueCross Service Providers asking Social Insurance Number and Provincial Health Card No.

As some of you are well aware, I’m very sensitive in what service providers collect. I have dealt with various service providers in the past and most of them are not aware of the law. More importantly their administrator have omitted to provide them with exact details in what they should and should not collect. In any case, the collection of personal information is well document by law and provincial privacy agencies.
During the time I was working my private insurance Manulife, would collect our SIN for identification purposes. It did not take too long that a complaint was filled at the CAI, Quebec’s authority on Privacy. This did not require an in-depth investigation, as most of us, soldiers and veterans knows that the collection of SIN for ID purpose is illegal.

The first service provide that collect information outside its mandate and illegally was Traumatys. A service provider contracted out by VAC to perform OSI assessment. They attempt to collected SIN. Of course this was escalated and they should have revised their process.


Upon asking for some BlueCross dental center. I located one which would take care of the administrative burden of filling claims to VAC. Unfortunately, this Dental clinic, asked for my SIN and Provincial Health card No. Being the way I’m, I quickly escalated this to the President of Medavie BlueCross and various other individuals. To my great surprise, Medavie BlueCross was very responsive and responded next business day within two hours. The VAC Contract Manager called me and I expressed my dissatisfaction in the attempt to collect my SIN and Prov. Health No.

*** If any of your BlueCross Service providers have asked or attempted to collect you SIN and or Provincial Health Card No., please contact me so I can escalate this to BlueCross and VAC. ***