Author Topic: NVC virtually eliminates Wife and family benefits  (Read 1769 times)

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NVC virtually eliminates Wife and family benefits
« on: March 31, 2012, 05:07:58 PM »
I believe that some of the things we complain about have forgotten many of the basics of our pension plan under the Old Veterans Act.

When I look at it I now see that there will no longer be survivor benefits. because there is no monthly checks there is no payment of medical plans and no portion of the pension for wives and families to survive on, if and once the soldier dies.

Lump-sum payments will also come into question if there is a marriage breakdown.
Let me explain. Many soldier with PTSD or missing limb injuries will have mood swings, which in turn will cause hard and sometimes un-forgiving feelings within the household. There will be some spousal abuse and maybe even some mistreatment of children causing or even sometimes forcing a marriage breakdown.

Most military personal would under normal circumstances buy a home for their family if they were to get their hands on as much as $276,000. If there is a breakdown at some later date... who gets the house? If it goes to the wife (which often happens because of the children) it would in effect mean that the soldier received or has nothing from his pain and suffering but if he was to retain the house it would mean that the division of assets would be unfair to the wife.

These are questions that haven?t even been asked yet let alone answered.

Then again if a military disabled veteran who was a hockey, baseball, football, swimming, track and field and so many other sports when they entered the military were to find their selves with PTSD and /or missing limbs, were to also find that they had $276,000, might well be tempted to try and drink or drug their troubles away. You would be surprised at just how many friends a rich veteran has when he is buying and just how fast a person can go through that amount of money.

Although the Old Monthly pension for life would not have stopped a soldier from drinking them self silly but the one safety feature of the Monthly pension check unlike the NVC was that there was always another month and another check.

by Cpl Kenneth H Young CD
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