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Is the CF, Manulife, DND et al hounding you for overpayment cash?


Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I was strolling down memory lane and googled "Force Reduction Program", no I never took it and it's not my beef but wanted to take a retrospective look at it.

Found this gem:

What stood out was this comment "There is legislative authority to allow debts owing to the Crown to be remitted or cancelled. Section 23(2.1) of the Financial Administration Act allows the Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the Treasury Board, to remit or forgive certain debts, including any interest, where it is considered that the collection of the debt would be unreasonable or unjust, or that it is otherwise in the public interest to remit the debt".

Now, I haven't slept properly in about a decade, and don't have the brain-power to research law matters.  If this is something that could help fellow veterans and someone with more knowledge can interpret the Act good.  If it is spam, my apologies, and disregard. :-\


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