Author Topic: 2010-11 For as long as veterans need it?  (Read 1323 times)

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2010-11 For as long as veterans need it?
« on: March 31, 2012, 08:29:26 PM »
For as long as veterans need it?

Minister Blackburn recently responded to an article authored titled Blackburn’s Bloody Line in the Sand. The minister would boast of the various pensions that would make up the 58 000 dollars proposed awards, the 2 Billion dollars of additional support, he would conclude with this sentence…  This action reflects our government's determination to make sure all Canadian Forces members, veterans and their families have the care and support they need -- for as long as they need it.

For as long as they need it?


I would suggest that a veteran considered catastrophically injured today, Minister Blackburn, will also be catastrophically injured at age 65. I would also suggest that the lump sum, and the deprivation of lifetime Veterans Affairs Canada pension for pain and suffering, violated the very sacred bond that defines the nations commitment between Canada’s sons and daughters when Canada is at war or sends our troops in harms way in the service of peace

Or it did until 2006, when the conservative government violated this sacred trust through the enactment of the New Veterans Charter and the creation of a 2nd class of veteran, one unworthy of the lifetime obligation provided to those who served this nation prior to 2006.

The consequences of this violation have been profound, highlighted by the reactionary measures proposed by Minister Blackburn. Sadly, there would have been no requirement for a Earning Loss Benefit supplement, a Permanent Injury Award supplement, the 1000 dollar catastrophic award injury supplement or the 400 k anti poverty award supplement Minister Blackburn says is required to bring an estimated 2000 seriously injured veterans out of a state of great financial hardship.

These repercussions are a direct consequence of New Veterans Charter’s abandonment of the Sacred Trust, starkly definable by the disparity between the lump sum payment and the abandonment of life time financial security. Prior to 2006, a seriously injured veteran with wife and child would be provided roughly between 44 - 48 000 thousand dollars a year, tax free, for the rest of his life.

Regardless of rank!

These veterans ALSO received the service pension, CPP disability and the pension from the Manulife SISIP disability pension (75 percent) until age 65, programs to which they paid into throughout their service, programs which Minister Blackburn would now include as components of the 58000 dollars promotion. I would also note new Veterans Ombudsman, Guy Parent, recently debunked Minister Blackburn’s grand financial assertions by clarifying the fact that many of these proposed pensions, including the 40k anti-poverty award, cease at age 65. It is very possible that the seriously disabled veterans Minister Blackburn’s proposals have been created to assist are temporary in nature as when they reach 65, they may very well be forced to survive on 40-50 PERCENT LESS!
For the rest of their life!

Under the honourable system, there would be no financial threat to the catastrophically injured veterans financial security because the 44-48000 dollars, tax free, continued unto death! He will still be financially secure compliments of the Sacred Trust and the nations obligation to care for our battle wounded until death, an honourable standard the Conservative government feels that our wounded warriors clearly do not deserve.

Thousands of Afghanistan veterans have been abandoned during the past four years, a situation manifested by homeless veterans, shelters, veterans food banks, suicides, extreme levels of frustration, anxiety, family discord/destruction and a deep, perhaps justifiable sense of betrayal. Why, ask yourself, are none of the 2 billion dollars of supplements Minister Blackburn proposes retroactive? Why will none of the veterans affected be compensated for the pain and suffering they have endured as a consequence of this unjust legislation. Why are the veterans requiring the 40 000 dollar poverty avoidance adjustment, 2000 vets currently living with substandard financial support, not be provided retroactive compensation for the pain our government has inflicted upon them.

Why is the proposed financial support for an additional 3500 veterans already denied catastrophic injury status by VAC not retroactive to the date of their first claim. Why are these veterans, already abandoned once by VAC, forced to reapply with a pension commencing on the date of reapplication? Why was it necessary to change the criteria for eligibility for 3500 veterans reference catastrophic injury status? Were not these veterans treated fairly by VAC in the first place?

If this is how our government treats our most seriously injured, how have those deemed only marginally wounded addressed? Colonel Pat Stogran condemned the insurance policy mentality the NVC enactment created, as such, it is not unreasonable to suggest that if thirty-five hundred seriously injured veterans have been victims of an unjust policy many, many others, suffering from less debilitating injuries, have also suffered..

What about the pensions composing the 58000 dollars in catastrophic benefits ending at age 65? Do the conservatives really believe that these veterans are suddenly not catastrophically injured simply because they have reached this magic age, that it is okay to remove forty thousand dollars annually from the most vulnerable of veterans, those who have no service pension due to lack of rank, who are still bereft of arms, legs, sight, hearing, sanity…

Does this reflect your Canadian values?
Is this what you, a proud Canadians, wants for Canada’s sons and daughters? Do you think it is right that the government would send the young men and women to war then relegate them to another standard then provided to those who we have sent to war prior to 2006? Would this be acceptable to you if this was your son or daughter? If he/she was the one who left his/her legs in the bloody sands of Afghanistan, suffered terrible internal injures, brain trauma and is now and will always live with PTSD and a lifetime of pain and suffering for the rest of their lives?

Veterans and supportive Canadians across Canada answered those questions on November 6th when they rallied nationwide to protest against the injustices inflicted upon our troops and our veterans since 2006 and now, because of Minister Blackburn’s cost saving motivated line in the sand, today.

These are the consequences of a government abandoning the sacred trust between soldier and nation at the height of a war. I would encourage all Canadians to stand behind your troops and veterans, add your voices to theirs as we mobilize to insist the parliamentarians of this nation return to the lifetime commitment earned by several generations of blood and sacrifice over the skies of Europe, on the seas and battlefields of WW2, in Korea at Kapyong, Chair-Li, Kowang San, Hill 187, dozens of peacekeeping missions, former Yugoslavia and Kabul.

This is the standard, the only Canadian standard, that honours our veterans and veterans of tomorrow, that reflects TRUE… PATRIOT… LOVE.

Contact your MP by email, phone or speak to him in person.

Tell them that it is time that Canada restore the Sacred Bond, for parliamentarians to honour their responsibilities to this nation's patriots, to accept their obligation to provide quality care and financial dignity for life, not until they reach the age of 65.

One Veteran, One Standard, One Voice.

Michael  L Blais CD, Veteran.
Founder, Canadian Veterans Advocacy
Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest 6 Nov 2010
Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest 5 Nov 2011
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