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CVA Sunnybrook Protest Update - Jan 2, 2013 -Provincial Status-


Mike Blais:

I have spoken with Mrs Storrison and am available for a meeting at the hospital tomorrow evening at 1900 hrs. I see no reason that she would have to suffer loss of wages due to someone else's actions and will be traveling, if all goes as planned, to TO from Niagara to escort her through the process tomorrow evening and meet her father. I have contacted minister/department officials requesting that an opportunity be provided wherein Ms Storrison can return to the property without the threat of being arrrested and visit with her father prior to the meeting. I am also concerned that she will be required to sign legal documants that might infringe on her rights or pose a threat to any further contact through conditions designed to silence her.

I am confident this will be resolved by Monday but would encourage veterans who plan on rallying for the Veterans at Sunnybrook on January 7th to move into the standby position.

Mike Blais:
Contact, Wait Out

... "The ministry has no authority or jurisdiction to inspect or enforce long-term-care home standards at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre," said Ontario Health Ministry spokesman, David Jensen....

This is not acceptable. It is time for veterans in Ontario and across the nation to stand up for veterans requiring long term care and demand that the provincial government to stop obligating their duty to Sunnybrook's veterans and , equally importantly, the Ontario tax payer.

Ontario coughed up $29.2 million of our money to support beds that are, by mandate, regulated provincially.

...310 of the beds are classified as complex continuing care beds under provincial legislation.

As an taxpayer and a veterans advocate, I believe strongly that all funds to veterans issues must be dispersed under the federal or PROVINCIAL MANDATE they were legislated to finance. Furthermore, this money must be fully accounted for and the obligatory STANDARDS each entity is legislated to honour upheld. The safe guards, the checks and balances, the sacred obligation at all levels of government to our most vulnerable veterans is not being honoured.

Most tragically, in this instance, their is only one group of Canadian Veterans suffering... those who are very old, very frail, those who fought in WW2 and Korea, those who need our help of all Ontarians now.

We will be engaging the provincial government to convince them to fulfill their obligation to and I am formally seeking your assistance in generating support amongst our own and other organizations that share concerns about the status of long term health in Ontario. Hopefully, our actions will set the platform to reform in other provinces.

I would also note the cost of the federal contribution and, consisting the marginal expense and the number of beds, why these beds are not being reserved for disabled veterans of other eras when they reach an age wherein they require long term care? If the province is paying for a majority of these beds and the federal cost, in the grand scope of multi billion dollar budgets, is insignificant when compared to the benefit it provides. Several hundred thousand veterans served abound in the Cold War or on peacekeeping mission, as a consequence of their services, the have been accorded the same disability awards as those who are residents at St Annes. Parkwood, and Sunnybrook today, and they deserve the same level of respect.

Particularly as the provincial government is paying for a majority of these beds. Many veterans of the COLD WAR need long term care, these beds at Sunnybrook, Parkwood, St Anns and any other prominent veterans facility NATIONWIDE and supported by provincial health care should be reserved for them, us and future generation of Canada's sons and daughters who Parliament has sent in the Harm's Way.

Time to step up. For them, for us.


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