Author Topic: The New Veterans Charter (NVC) and the Lump-sum payout.  (Read 1734 times)

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The New Veterans Charter (NVC) and the Lump-sum payout.
« on: March 31, 2012, 08:39:16 PM »
From: Cpl. Kenneth H. Young CD (ret)
Sent: July-15-11 10:33 PM
Subject: The New Veterans Charter (NVC) and the Lump-sum payout.

Now I am about to write something that is bound to anger a number of people including myself..
The New Veterans Charter  (NVC) and the Lump-sum payout.
The number of $286,000.00 dollars seems like an awful lot, until you actually do the math. In Canada the poverty rate, a rate of earning (set by the Government) which is considered living in poverty, is just below $20,000.00. If our (let’s say 19 year old) Canadian soldier was to (God forbid) have a catastrophic injury, which was considered to constitute a 100% disability, he or she would receive $286,000.00 tax free. When you do the math this amounts to 14.3 years at below todays poverty rate, so he or she would run out of money if they could through some miracle only spend the amount allotted to the poverty rate they would still at ripe old age of  33.3 years old be stone cold broke. This is if the recipient of the lump-sum didn’t bother to fix their house for the handicapped, no ramps, no lifts, no widening of doors, no hand bars to get into bed, no special washroom modifications, no wheel chair and for sure no handicapped car.
I suppose if we only want our injured veterans to live until age 33.3 and we do not mind them living in poverty, going from soup kitchen to soup kitchen, ( if they can find a means of getting to them) and sitting on the corned with a cup in hand crying out , “Alms for the poor,” we can continue to burry our collective heads in the sand and like Pontus Pilot, wash our hands of the problem believing that we did all that we could. For some strange reason unlike MP’s in Ottawa who unanimously passed the New Veterans Charter into law and then decided Bill  C-55, which also maintains the Lump-sum and was also passed unanimously, Veterans seem to be able to do the math and frankly feel that 14.3 years of a poverty rate pay for 100% disability in the service of ones country, isn’t a very good trade.
There is much wrong with the NVC but I believe you would have to look long and hard to find one point which is as badly thought out as the Lump-sum pay out. No one is helped by this Lump-sum except Government coffers, and there is nothing anyone can honestly say in defence of it except it is cheaper for the Canadian Tax payer.
Life expectancies in Canada far surpass even double the 33.3 years and Our Veterans deserve better then what is being offered them.
Stop with the bitching that soldiers get too much and do the math, then ask yourself is this is the way you would like or what you would like you children or their children to be treated by the country they gave life and limb to?

Kenneth H. Young CD

Canadian Veterans Advocacy
Agent Orange Association of Canada

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