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Open Letter to Minister Blaney
« on: March 31, 2012, 08:39:33 PM »
Ref: Further to my last letter re: PSHCP
Dear Mr. Blaney,
Thank you for your letter dated the 23 rd. of September 2011. I really appreciated you having answered my concerns. I received the letter yesterday morning assuring me that the PSHCP subject of denying benefits had been resolved only to have my wife tell me in the afternoon that she had been denied payment on our plan, supposedly because she had in the past had a personal plan which we gave up many months ago due to cost. when I called Sun Life today I was told that they had her down as having another plan and that if that had changed that I would have to go online to their website and make the changes. Now to be fair the lady was helpful and gave me the web page URL but when I got there I found that I also now needed a registered User Name and Password and would have to go to another website to obtain this, which I did. But once I had filled out all the registration information requested, I was informed that they would only give me a User Name and that my temporary password would be sent to me via mail. I was also given the option of calling and asking by phone to have my wife's other plan removed but that they would then send me the paperwork to fill out to send back to them.
Now some back-ground information before I continue: My wife did have a policy in the past which as I said we let go due to the expenses involved in carrying two plans from the same company. I informed the person from Sun Life that they could have checked the status of my wife’s plan because it was in fact from their own company. I was told that only I could change my profile. (I wonder how the other plan ever got on my profile because I didn’t put it there?) Even if I were able to get my profile changed today (which I can not) I would still have to apply for re-imbursement of the money my wife was forced to pay or do without medication.
But and this is a big but, Canada has somewhere around 700,000 Veterans to which we would be lucky if  250,000 are both computer literate and who can actually afford a computer or the services to use one. There is also a very large number who would not be able to fork out the money needed for medication if it were all of a sudden refused by Sun Life. I have been refused twice in as many months, once because Sun Life wants to control which Province we can buy pharmaceuticals in and there by control our movement around Canada as well as which doctors we can see, and now because they refuse to up-date their own accounts. That amounts to what I would suggest is Veteran Harassment. Although I am in the process of getting a password so that I can fix the problem (with absolutely no help from Sun Life) I can assure you that not all that many of the 700,000 Canadian Veterans could and this amounts to the refusal of services to veterans by Sun Life.

I ask kindly that you personally look into this problem.

Kenneth H. Young CD

PS: I assure you that the next time this happens to me I will sue Sun Life and which ever departments were responsible for designing this monstrosity, for breach of contract and discrimination, and I will make it very public. Mr. Blaney this is not a threat, it is just that this is unacceptable service to Veterans and Sun Life is not leaving me much choice.

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