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Afghan Fort to Fort Memorial Ride. Niagara Parkway July 14 2013


Mike Blais:
The Memorial ride to the Afghan fallen will take place on Sunday, July 14 and will commence with a breakfast and RV at Royal Canadian legion Branch 124 in Niagara on the lake Ontario at 1000 hours. Veterans w2ho do not ride motorcycles are invited to participate in private vehicles and are encouraged to fill the care up with those who do not ride.

We shall not forget, and to that end, we shall transverse the battlefields of the War of 1812, passing Fort George and following the Parkway south past the landmarks of the battle of Queenston, Chippewa, Ridgway and the siege of Fort Erie. It is a very picturesque ride and I am sure all will enjoy.

Once we arrive at Fort Erie, we will assemble at Mather's Arch, one of the few international memorials dedicated to the fallen of both the valiant from America and Canada wherein in we shall fulfill our duty tot he fallen and those they have left behind by conducting a special memorial service. 

We are inviting our American brother/sisters in arms to join with us Canada and the US have fought side by side in Afghanistan and our collective losses have weighed heavily upon both our great nations.

Lest we forget?
Not on our watch.

A special invitation will be extended to the families of the fallen and we pray that they will join us so that we, veterans proud of their sacrifice, can ensure that they understand that we will never forget.

You can make a difference simply by showing up, your presence is worth more than a million words of condolence.


Mike Blais:
RV at RCL Branch 124 in Niagara on the Lake between 0930 1030 hours.
Breakfast, special speakers
1030 -Prepare to Move.
1100 - memorial ride commences
1215 - mtehr's Arch memorial Service
1300 Retreat to RCL Branch 71 for reception/dispersal

Special guest tba.


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