Author Topic: What did Team Kingston's protest during election 2011 accomplish?  (Read 1576 times)

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 Team Kingston consisted of one disabled RCMP vet and one disabled military vet i.e. Eric Rebiere and Derrick Zimmerman both struggling in life with PTSD.  In my fruitless attempts at reaching out to Prime Minister Harper in regards to his disinterest in acknowledging the service and sacrifice RCMP, Police services officers and their families  are also making in Afghanistan (on his web site), I made a promise to be around during the next election.  Then their was the despicable way  a First Gulf War veteran and former Ottawa City Police officer Brian Dyck was treated  by the Veterans Review And Appeal Board under Prime Minister Harper's watch.  We were very motivated to stand out in the rain and cold weather.

Derrick Zimmerman and I talked it over and planned a protest outside of the Conservative candidate Alesia Gordon's office on April 14, 2011.  We handed out approx 500 fliers outlining the military and RCMP disabled Veterans issues the three days prior to the day of protest as well as made up a number of protest signs.  One read "Harper Government toxic to disabled veterans". Another read "The VRAB are hiring a VET.erinarian".  Well we stood outside of Alesia Gordon's Conservative election office on April 14, 2011 and were very impressed with the response from the Kingston citizens driving by and taking our fliers.

What did Derick Zimmerman, myself, one World War 11 vet in a wheel chair, a little old lady who never protested before and  needed a hip transplant as well as one very pissed off RCR veteran accomplish?  Well our little protest prevented the Kingston Conservative candidate from joining the Conservative majority government in Ottawa.  Their was nothing personal against Alesia Gordon but our efforts made approx 2000 Kingston voters aware of the fact that the Harper Government's VRAB are denying legitimate disability claims from the same Soldiers and RCMP officers he had asked to go to places like Afghanistan so his government can "Balance the Federal Budget" (pay for the Afghan War). 

Their are reasons why things happen and money seems to be one of the main themes with Governments.  To help save money off the back of legitimately injured Military and RCMP is about as low as a government can get.  Approx. 2000 voters in Kingston paid attention and it was 2000 votes that cost the Conservative Candidate her place within the majority Conservative Government.  The Liberals brought in the Lump sum but they are now a none issue.

It was just two disabled veterans and some local Kingston supporters that accomplished this. Imagine in four years how many CVA members their will be for the next election not to mention non members who share the same cause?  It will not be two but thousands and I am sure that the reasons behind Alesia Gordon's failed attempt was communicated to Mr. Harper.  He is listening now because I recently received a lame  letter from the Minister of Public Safety which did not say much in reply to the several times my correspondence had been sent to him over the last 2 years.

United the Canadian Veterans Advocacy can make a huge difference during an election outcome and Mr. Harper knows this because Kingston should have become a Conservative riding.  With the NDP nipping at the heals of the Majority Conservative Government and who support disabled Veterans issues, it will be interesting to see what the out come will be from now until the next election. STAND FAST and UNITED, we are a force to be reckoned with if Prime Minister Harper still wants to play hardball in which case Zimmy and I are looking forward to the next election.

Eric Rebiere (former Cst. RCMP 37515) and Derrick Zimmerman CD (Team Kingston)
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