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Fabien Melanson says he is willing to die on a hunger strike on Charlottetown to protest what he alleges was a mistake made by Veterans Affairs Canada which has cost him his home and nearly his life.

The 15-year Canadian veteran is beginning a hunger strike in front of the VAC headquarters today to bring attention to his case.
“They (Veterans Affairs) killed me in 2004 with their mistake and now all I have is the energy to bring myself here and give them my remains,” he said. “That’s all that’s left of me. I’m willing to die for this.”

Melanson is demanding an apology and adequate compensation for an error made by VAC in 2004.
Melanson saw his benefits deposited into someone else’s bank account in Sept. 2004. Despite repeated contact with VAC, his situation continued for months, eventually costing him his house.

The situation worsened when the stress of dealing with VAC brought back his post tramautic stress disorder, a condition which resulted in his discharge from the armed forces.
"I'm willing to die for this." Canadian veteran Fabien Melanson -
Melanson later attempted suicide in Dec. 2004.

By the time the issue with the bank account number was solved in Jan. 2005, Melanson said his health had severely deteriorated.
While he has visited the VAC building numerous times since 2005, as well as contacting the department through phone and email, Melanson says he’s never received an apology or compensation.

This is the first time he’s protested in front of the building and while the hunger strike doesn’t officially begin until today, Melanson stopped eating at 12 a.m. Saturday.
Melanson will have fasted 57 and a half hours, limiting himself to only water, when he arrives at VAC headquarters this morning.


Canadian Veteran continues Hunger Strike
Special to The Canadian
Canadian Forces veteran Fabien Melanson CD began his hunger strike on 4 June. He will arrive at Veterans’ Affairs Canada Headquarters in Charlottetown, PEI at 0930 today (6 June).

Mr. Melanson is taking this action to bring attention to his case. He is seeking an apology and adequate compensation for a clerical error by Veterans Affairs in 2004 which cost him his home and nearly his life.

Mr. Melanson will be joined at various stages by other veterans who will be sharing their own stories of problems with Veterans’ Affairs.

Fabien Melanson, a 15 year Canadian Veteran and proud member of the Royal 22nd. Regiment, served twice overseas in Bosnia 1993 and Croatia 1995; was posted in the Citadelle of Quebec from 1990 to 2001; and Gagetown from 2001 until discharge.

In September 2004, a clerical error at Veterans’ Affairs resulted in Mr. Melanson’s benefits being deposited into someone else’s bank account. Despite repeated contact with VAC, this situation continued for months, leaving Mr. Melanson destitute and costing him his house. The extreme stress created by the financial hardship, loss of home, and frustration of dealing with VAC exacerbated this veteran’s PTSD – the condition for which he was discharged.
Mr. Melanson attempted suicide in December 2004.

He was hospitalized and it was January 2005 before the issue with the bank account number was resolved. By that point, severe damage had been done to Mr. Melanson’s health and circumstances.

Since then, Mr. Melanson has tried in various ways to have Veterans’ Affairs take ownership of the trouble their mismanagement created. Veterans’ Affairs considers the matter resolved with the correction of the account number and disbursement of benefits for that time. The Department refuses to accept responsibility for the consequences of those errors.
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