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( Public Services Health Care Plan (PSHCP))
« on: March 31, 2012, 10:40:31 PM »
Dear All,
I have through no fault of my own discovered a giant hole in our ( Public Services Health Care Plan (PSHCP)) for the Military medication coverage provided (at a cost) from Sun Life.
I went the other day to pick up outstanding prescription at the drugstore for my Diabetes. The PSHCP refused payment. They said that they would not pay unless and until I applied for and received something called a Fair price provincial drug plan. Now to be honest I know of one for here in BC but I am not as of yet a BC resident. I still work and technically live in Ontario and carry an O-hip card, mostly because it is deducted from my salary or in any case my business if forced to pay for it and in either case it is coming out of my pocket.
I called the Office of the PSHCP and was told that then I would have to apply for the Ontario plan which I didn’t even know existed. When or if I am accepted I can then send the original bills to that plan and when and if they return them to me that the PSHCP would be glad to receive an application for re-payment for the remaining costs at the PSHCP rates.
The speaker wasn’t sure if the provincial plan could be electronically accessed from anywhere except in the province, but she told me that if it wasn’t I would always have to pay full price in cash or credit card myself and go through the process of two applications from to receive back partial payment. So basically Veterans are prisoners of the province you live in and are not served by the PSHCP for medication.
Problems I can see here, not necessarily in order of importance.
(1) If a Veteran doesn’t have the money, he may have to do without life sustaining medication. Example: They refused to pay for my Diabetes medication, but there are also heart, kidney and so on meds which should never be withheld let alone stopped.
(2) If your meds of luggage is stolen out of province, you better have money with you.
(3) Where does this leave Veterans if they are hospitalized out of province or out of country.
I do not know about the rest of you but I served my country and I am supposed to have a Federal medical plan.
This is unworkable, undesirable and unacceptable.
(1) Guy Parent: I believe that this is something you need to have a look at because it affects all Veterans and it is a private cooperation who is trying to dictate to ex-Federal employees their corporate regulations.
(2) Steven Blaney: Please forward this to all departments who deal with the Public Services Health Care Plan and you need to also have a look at it because it hurts and may even cause the death of some Veterans .
PPS: This amounts to medical imprisonment for the poor.

Kenneth H. Young CD

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