Author Topic: RCMP disability pension clawback lawsuit going ahead: Lawyer  (Read 4138 times)

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RCMP disability pension clawback lawsuit going ahead: Lawyer
« on: February 20, 2013, 09:20:55 PM »
RCMP disability pension clawback lawsuit going ahead: Lawyer

3:56 pm, January 15th, 2013

OTTAWA - An injured RCMP officer and his lawyers are going ahead with a class-action lawsuit over long-term disability payment clawbacks.

Lawyers for David White say they'll start the process to certify the lawsuit as a class action on Feb. 14 - the same day the firm seeks final approval on the government's $890-million settlement with disabled Canadians Forces members over a similar clawback.

Daniel Wallace, with the McInnes Cooper law firm, said the government was making noises about settling on the RCMP file after the defence department chose not to appeal a May 2012 court ruling ending deductions of injured Canadian Forces members' long-term disability payments.

"They've since told us that they're not and we're going to have to take them back to court - and to expect a drawn-out, drag-out fight," he said.

Wallace estimates some 500 RCMP officers could eventually join the lawsuit.

White said Tuesday he signed on as lead plaintiff after having his long-term disability income reduced by $1,273 when he left the force and began receiving a Veterans Affairs Canada disability pension.

"I paid into it for nearly 30 years," he said, noting his monthly income replacement is now just $67.20. "I don't think I'm getting the benefit of the insurance policy."
White was medically discharged from the RCMP in 2002 after suffering hearing loss and a severe sensitivity to sound after being exposed to a booby-trapped alarm system while responding to a home invasion.

A Treasury Board spokesman said the government wouldn't comment because the case is before the courts.